12 High-profitable Small Business Ideas Under 30000

Do you want to start your own business, and search everywhere, what business can I start with 30000 rupees? And in a reliable way, are you looking for a business idea that will be highly profitable?

Then now you don’t need to look anywhere else.

I have dedicatedly researched here, 12 high-profitable under 30000 business ideas, which anyone can start. So read the article completely.

Small Business Ideas Under 30000

Small Business Ideas Under 30000

1. Recruitment Agency

The recruitment agency business is when companies or organizations need workers or workers, they contact recruitment agencies. Then the recruitment agency gives workers to the company and charges a commission. You can start this business with a 2000-4000 investment.

How To Start A Recruitment Agency?

2. Content Writing

Bloggers, online product sellers, and YouTubers need writers. You can approach them through freelancer platforms. You will need a computer and an internet connection to start it. This is a business you can start a business under 30000.

3. Blogging

If you have skills or knowledge in any subject, you can upload them in any language to search engines like Google. And can earn through AdSense or affiliate marketing. Your laptop, internet connection, and hosting will cost around 30000 for blogging. If you have a computer and internet connection, then hosting will cost between 4k-5k. It is the best small business under 30,000.

4. Nursery Business

If you have a small place or garden, then you can make plants in the garden and sell them. For this, with all your materials like spade, tub, water, soil, organic fertilizer, etc. This business under 30000.

How to start a Nursery Business?

5. Paneer Making

You can make Paneer at home and sell it. To make Paneer you need an investment of 3-5 thousand.

6. Wiper Manufacturing

The wiper is used for floor cleaning. 15000 only to start a wiper manufacturing business. It is the cheapest business from home. It is the cheapest manufacturing business idea.

7. Roadside Tea Stall

If the roadside stall is popular, there will be huge income. A great example of an MBA Chai Bala. This is a business under 30000 you can start.

8. Graphic Design 

If you have design knowledge or if you are into creating something creative, then you can start the graphic design with Canva, Adobe, etc. Just need a computer and internet connection which will be done within your 30000 investment. It is the easiest business anyone can start.

9. Trading

Many do trading like Crypto, Stock, Commodity, etc. You can learn to trade and start trading within 20k. It is the most highly profitable business if you can master it.

10. Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services can be provided through freelancing platforms. Digital marketing is various types like Google ads, Facebook ads, web designing, video editing, etc. For this, you will need a computer and an internet connection. You can start this business under 30,000. And you can learn these skills for free through YouTube and other platforms.

11. YouTube

You can start a YouTube channel by buying a good mobile phone with a good camera.  For which your investment will be 20000.

5 types of YouTube channels- cooking, vlogging, education, roasting, comedy, and short stories.

12. Online Product Selling

If you have a product, or you’re looking at a product at a lower price, but other big e-commerce sites have a higher price for that product. You can start selling that product on e-Commerce platforms like- Amazon, and Flipkart.

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