12 Ways to Increase Sales on Flipkart

You are a new Flipkart seller or selling products on Flipkart for a long time, but not growing sales. And searching everywhere about how to increase sales on Flipkart, then you have come to the right place. Here I will tell 12 powerful methods that increase sales on Flipkart.

You can increase your sales growth by following these steps. And you can increase long-term sales and seller ratings. By building your brand, you can make a place in the mind of the customers. So I will tell you how to increase sales on Flipkart. If you want to increase sales on Flipkart, read and implement this article completely. After reading this article, I am sure you can increase your sales on Flipkart.


How to Increase Sales on Flipkart-

12 Ways Increase Flipkart Sales

1. Images-

The image is the face of the product, so the image quality of the product should be kept high. The better you can describe the product through images, the better for your sales. Because the buyer or traffic first checks the images of your products, then checks other details. For that, you need to hire a good photographer for that.

Title– Give the title relevant to your product, because sufficient titles make attractive your product.

Description– The specialty of the product should be mentioned in the description.

2. Premium Packaging –

Companies that deliver premium packaging have 52% repeat customers on Flipkart.

Keep the quality of packaging high. If you keep the quality of packaging high, customer reviews will be good.  And your brand trust is built. So beautiful and safe packaging is very important.

3. Sufficient Stock And Different Variants-

Which products in your catalog sell the most, you have to keep more stock of that product all the time. And you have to show your customer’s product variants so that they have options or choices.

4. Delivered Timely –

Before listing or promoting, you have to keep your products ready all time so that wise it is delivered timely. And most importantly always be ready to dispatch products. And will return or exchange according to the date. For this, customer reviews are good and sales ratings will increase.

5. Customer Reviews –

Should be given first parity customer reviews, customer reviews should be improved and work continuously. A direction can be found from customer reviews as to what the customer wants.

6. Combo Products –

Suppose you have a product and want to sell another product along with it. You can sell it by combo or free. In this case, if the price is a little higher, it is not a problem.

Combo products run most couple accessories and kitchen sets.


7. Flipkart Growth Central –

By going to Flipkart growth central, you can check your orders and reviews. There are recommendations on what steps you need to take to improve your account.

8. Product Listing Ads-

To increase sales on Flipkart, the best method is a product listing ad.

The higher the visibility of your product the higher the sales. Increasing the visibility of your product in this online selling crowd is difficult. Flipkart.com product listing ads are the best option to increase the visibility of your product.

How It Works-

  • After putting ads on your product. Your product will rank with other relevant products.
  • Buyers will see your ad and click on it if it catches their eye.

9. Special Discount-

From time to time you have to give a special discount to increase sales. You have to sell with some additional discount from the price at which you sell it. For this, your sales will increase.

Join the Flipkart event and try a special discount on a special day. These events increase the engagement of Flipkart users, so your product sales probability increases for the discount.

10. Content Marketing-

Don’t worry if you can sell your products through content your product sales will increase a lot.


Suppose you sell belts for back pain. You can tell its benefits through articles or YouTube videos. And you can sell with the link to Flipkart in the article and YouTube video description. This leads to more sales along with building your brand, at a lower cost.

In this case, Online Marketing Strategies more help you.

11. Flipkart Advantage Seller-

There are many benefits to Flipkart’s advantage sellers. You just have to give your products to Flipkart company. They will maintain the rest from packaging to delivery and storage etc. It has many advantages, it increases visibility and sales.

12. Social Media Ads –

Ads can be run on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. And can be linked to the Flipkart app or website. Products can be sold by adding ads there, and it is very easy. If social media users like your product, they will click and buy your product.


If you follow these 12 steps correctly and your product is really good. Then you can increase Flipkart sales. These may take a while. But don’t give up, keep learning you will continue to grow. We think you will not have any questions about how to increase sales on Flipkart. If you have any questions, please comment below and share this article with other sellers if you like it.

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