10 Ways to Grow Sales on Meesho with Ratings


Do you sell products on Meesho, but not getting orders, or is it very low? And want to know, how to increase sales on Meesho? and how to increase rating on Meesho.

Let’s solve this problem for you. One of my friends is a successful online e-commerce product seller. And he is selling products on Meesho since 2017. Some of his special tips and tricks and my in-depth research, through this article, I will say, 10 steps to increase sales on Meesho and how to increase rating on Meesho. So if you want to increase sales in your Meesho seller account, then read this article completely and apply these steps.

Increase Sales on Meesho

1. Images

When the customer purchases the product online, he cannot see it from the front. So high-quality images help them understand color accuracy. And customers want to see product images from different angles, so upload 4-6 images for product listing. It helps to get more orders on Meesho.

2. Inventory

Your product inventory should always be 20+, because if there is more inventory, visibility increases, if there is high visibility means high sales.

3. Title & Description

The product should have a special title. And the starting sentences of the words should be written in capitals. And the product should be described well, most customers will read the description before buying.

Also, the product should be described well, most customers will read the description before buying.

4. Next Day Dispatch (NDD)

Products that ship to Next effectively get more visibility and more sales. Those catalogs have ‘next day dispatch’ tags, they sell 12% more than others.


5. Products Price

Meesho shows competitors’ prices and own price if the is product the same, reduce the price, only then there will be visibility. And according to human psychology, if the price band is 99 instead of 100, then it looks much cheaper. If the sales are more, both reviews and seller authority increase.

6. Ads

If you are a new seller, or if your product does not have sales and visibility, then it is best to put ads because if the product is good, it boosts sales on Meesho. After good reviews come, then sales will increase automatically, apart from ads.


It is best to run ads on weekends because there are more sales on weekends.

7. Sufficient Packaging

After the product is delivered to the customer, the packaging is seen by the customer before the product. And good packaging increases both brand value and product ratings on Meesho. So good packaging is essential.


8. Combo Selling 

If your product can be sold as a combo, then the best option. Like couples products, accessories, sunglasses with the watch, caps with t-shirts, etc.


9. Rating

For the product that is rated more than 3.5, the product sales are high.  So try to get a customer rating. 

To get good reviews, send thank you letters to customers with the product and request them to leave good reviews on the E-commerce platform about your product. It is an awesome trick to increase rating on meesho.

how to increase rating on meesho

10. Trusted Batch

If your product can get a Meesho-trusted batch, can get customer trust, and Shoes also give high visibility,  those products have a Meesho-trusted batch.

To get Meesho trusted batch-

  • To receive 300 orders monthly.
  • 3.9+ ratings are needed.

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