Complete Process Of How To Start Nursery Business In 2022-2023

All over the world, many people have the hobby of gardening. If you are also passionate about gardening, convert it into a profession. And for this profession will be the welfare of our planet.

Yes, I am talking about the nursery business.

Someone is gardening in their garden, on the empty land, on the roof, and someone puts plants on his bedroom balcony and working table to decorate.

 For such gardening and decoration, we need plants, which we get from the nursery.

The nursery business market potential is huge, and the market demand is very good, so you can start this business with very little investment if you want.

So today, I will tell you how to start nursery business.


Nursery Business Starting Processes-

Types Of Nursery-

How to start nursery business, on the blog is the main introduction is types of the nursery. Before starting a nursery business, you need to understand what types of nursery you want to start and what kind of customers will you get more in your area. 

If you have a big budget, you can have all kinds of plants in your nursery.

There are mainly five types of nurseries-

  • Vegetable and Fruit Nursery
  • Flower Nursery
  • Medicinal Plants Nursery
  • Decorative Nursery
  • Forest Plants Nursery

1. Vegetable and Fruit Nursery-


Now everyone likes to eat organic vegetables and fruits. Not everyone prefers vegetables and fruits with chemical fertilizers. So many people are trying in their small gardens to make fresh and pure vegetables and fruits. Where vegetable seeds and small vegetable and fruit plants are available, it is called a vegetable or fruit nursery.

2. Flower Nursery-


 Flower nursery is the most demanding nursery. Especially girls and aged people like flower plants very much. And there are different flowering plants according to each season. And it comes in handy to make any place attractive. So the demand for this business will never decrease.

3. Medicinal Plants Nursery-


Many people do not want to take Allopathy or western medicine.  And they want to keep themselves healthy in Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic plants like- Tulsi, Alvo Vera, Gotu Kola, Basil, Rosemary, Etc.

These plants are more expensive than other plants. These plants are useful in many ways, such as medicine, soap, and face wash. So you can sell them to organizations with single persons.

4. Decorative Nursery-


Many people want to decorate their places like working desks, offices, homes and balconies, and storefronts with different plants. These plants are mainly Cactus, Money plant, Silver Nerve, Snake Plant, Etc.

5. Forest Plants Nursery-


Many peoples want to plant forest trees on their home grounds and nearby areas. Because these plants are bigger, these plants produce more oxygen and keep the weather cooler. Forest trees like Sal, Teak, Semal, Sheesham, Neem, Etc.


A few things are necessary to start a nursery.

1. Land –

To start a nursery, you need to have land. If you don’t have land you can rent land. But to start a nursery business the nursery should be on the highway or in big markets so that everyone can see it.

You can also start from 1000 square feet for the nursery and increase it according to your budget.

2. Water –

 Water is essential for your nursery and plants. So keep a good supply of water.

4. Soil-

There are different types of soil, and different plants need different types of soil, so you should keep soil according to your plant, like-  Sandy soil, Silt Soil, Clay Soil, and Loamy Soil.

4. Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers must be made by you. You will need them for your plants, and you can also sell them to your customers.

5. Chemical Fertilizers –

Farming cannot be complete with only organic fertilizers today. There are many insects that destroy the leaves, flowers, and fruits of your plants to prevent them Fungicides and Insecticide spray.

6. Tools –

Gardening requires a variety of tools. And you can also sell them, like- Shovel, Flower Pot, Water can, Bottle Spray, Hoe, and Sickle.

7. Manpower –

As an owner, you cannot or will find it difficult to maintain your nursery, so hire 2-3 laborers.

Competitor Analytics-

 Competitor analysis is essential for every business. Try to find out about your nearest nursery, if he sells vegetable and fruit seedlings, you can sell flower seedlings. And do a SWOT analysis of your competitors and your business.


Financing or budgeting is most important before starting a business, so we will explain financing in the How to Start a Nursery Business blog.

No matter how small you want to start this business, you need a minimum investment of one lakh rupees, which you can start the business with a loan, interest rate of the loan should be checked because most businesses make profits late or make small losses at first. It is also necessary to start with a backup of 3-4 months as nursery businesses have some regular expenses like employee salary, land rent, water, electric bills, etc.

Nursery Management Course –

Doing a nursery management course will be easy to get your license. To manage a nursery, having nursery management skills is essential.

Marketing & Sales –

So far we have explained how to start a nursery business. Marketing is essential, without marketing, you will not get visitors to your nursery and will not make sales.

For marketing, you can use online marketing. Social media marketing is the best online marketing for your nursery marketing. For social media marketing, you can create video content and post it on your Facebook page or YouTube.

Share videos on social media about how to plant a tree and what are the benefits of a tree. Also, you can inform everyone by poster-banner, and you have to make marketing strategies for this business.

If you do this, sales will come to you automatically, and if you want to increase more, you can sell by going to different platforms of plant selling. like- Planty and Floweraura.


In the How to Start a Nursery Business blog, we said-

  1. There are five Types Of Nursery
    Vegetable and Fruit Nurseries, Flower Nurseries, Medicinal Plants Nurseries, Decorative Nurseries, and Forest Plant Nurseries.
  2. To start a nursery there are some Essentials to collect.
  3. Competitor Analysis is required before starting a business.
  4. Finance– Create a business budget before starting the business.
  5. Take Nursery Management Courses, so that it becomes convenient to manage the nursery.
  6. Marketing & Sales– Developing different strategies for Marketing and social media marketing is best for a nursery business. And for more Sales, visit various online plant platforms, plant sales.

Hopefully, after reading this blog you will have no questions, if you have any questions comment below, and share if you like.

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