18 Demanding and Profitable Business Ideas Under 25 Lakhs

Without skill getting jobs is tough at this time, and increasing job insecurity day by day, on this time starting a business, and creating a job for someone, is a great decision. Stating business is not easy, many factors come mainly product & services demand. That’s why, before starting a business, you must be known about do your product have market demand.

Don’t worry about it, I will tell you 24 business ideas under 25 lakhs that have market demand. You need analytics before starting a business, which business is in demand in your area. Because 25 lakhs aren’t a small investment for a middle-class family.

Business Ideas Under 25 Lakhs

Furniture Store

The furniture market globally is $770.00bn, and furniture is a very much high-demanding business today. Every family to a single person needs furniture according to their requirement.

The furniture store is an awesome business. Furniture every people are needs irregularly. So if you want to start a furniture store, it is not a bad idea. Before starting a furniture store, you need to check out the area competition.

Electronics Device Stores

Electronics products today everyone needs, fridge, washing machine, lights, fan, etc, our regular needs today. It is growth orientated business idea.

If you want to start this business you can start with 25 lakhs with medium scales, and can open a medium size store. After you start an electronics store business, you can earn enough money. Only you need to wait some weeks. You can start an electronic store in your small town for under 25 lakhs.


Trucks Ownership

Transportation needs every business, to purchase raw materials and sell their products in other places. Now India is a developing country, India needs more trucks.

Trucks are future and present, if you want to start this business, you don’t worry about sales, if you tie up with some companies, you can get easily daily rent. If you buy two trucks on EMI, you can make a good amount of money.

UltraTech Cement Dealership

India’s no.1 cement brand is UltraTech, with a 31% cement market share in India. India is a developing country. According to the 2023 budget, India invests will in infrastructure and roads, that’s why cement demand increases day by day.

The cement business is one of the future business ideas. If you want to start this business you must be needed a dealership license. If you want to start a cement dealership business, why not it will start with India’s no.1 brand UltraTech? In this business, you become a dealership in UltraTech cement and supply to small businesses like builders, house makers, constriction companies, etc. Ultra Tech cement dealership bests easy to start a business under 25 lakhs. To apply for UltraTech Cement Dealership: click here.


Everyone knows our India is progressing day by day, from rural areas to the city, everyone makes a good amount of money and wants to make their own house. Making a house needs raw materials like sand, stone chip, TMT bar, cement, etc. These are products selling builders.

If you thinking about starting business builders is not a bad idea. Also, you can tie up with thekedar. Builders you can start with a 25 lakhs investment in your village. If you start builders in your small town or city, the cost will increase based on location. Builders are high-profitable retail store businesses under 25 lakhs investment.


Mainly city people are loved to outings in the evening. Every city person goes outside at least twice a week. With increasing restaurants, increasing demand for good restaurants.

To start restaurants majority of people focus on decoration and price, and no one focuses on now quality and taste. Before starting a restaurant business, you must focus on taste and quality with decoration. You should hire a sufficient cook. So if you wanted to start a  business for under twenty-five lakhs restaurant is an awesome idea for your city.

Govt Contractors

According to a new budget, the Indian govt is investing in roads. Most people think our roads are made by big companies. But it is totally wrong because most of the small roads are makes normal contractors.

If you want to become a road contractor, you must be needed some licenses. To get govt construction works, you need to bit with other contractors. If you win in any bit, you can be starting your work.


Dressing fashion is trending always, and it is increasing day by day. Some people are loved buying dresses, especially our youths. Before starting a boutique mainly you need to know, which are trending dresses and which are youths loved wearing.

A business boutique is a nice business under 25 lakhs. Boutique gives you a high-profit margin, if wanted to start a boutique business you can start in your small town for under 25 lakhs.


Sneakers most popular thing among today’s youths, everyone saw the video ” 80000 ka shoes hein tera ghar jaynga isme”. After that, sneakers’ popularity increased in India.

So if you start sneakers store in your city it is not a bad idea. On sneakers, the business has a high-profit margin. You must be careful about it starting from the city because city boys and girls are mostly high invest in sneakers. The sneakers store is an amazing business idea from the city under 25 lakhs.

Manufacturing Business Ideas under 25 lakhs


Bottle Water

Bottled Water or packaged water worldwide market cap is $342bn, and it has more growth in upcoming times. Bottle water is high profitable business today, and it has good future prospects.

If you think about starting a business bottled water business, you need to first, have a link with a plastic manufacturer, who supplies you, with bottles at a low cost. With that, you need a logo, licenses, and 40000 sq ft, with plant, machinery,  licenses, and most important need to tie up with distributors. You need to build a strong, growth mindset because this has great potential. Bottle Water is a high-profitable business idea under 25 lakhs.

Tissue Paper

Tissue global market size $21bn. Tissues are a high-demanding business every hotel, restaurant, saloon, etc, uses tissues. And this business has high growth potential.

To start tissue paper manufacturing, you need a space of 2000sq ft, good water & electric supply. With licenses, distributors, etc. If you thinking about starting a tissue paper business, my recommendation, you need to start a tissue manufacturing business in the village, because there is low-cost rent and labor.

Corrugated Boxes Manufacturing

Today’s every product is used to package corrugated boxes, this box is eco-friendly. Box has high demand in the market, and every day increases demand for corrugated boxes.

If you thinking about starting corrugated box manufacturing, you don’t worry about selling. To start corrugated boxes, machines, craft paper sheets, plastic glow, water, licenses, and 50000 sqft, etc are required. And needed to make on the customer like size, thickness, printed or non-printed box, etc.


Indian women love to wear sarees. Saree is an Indian tradition. Saree demands are worldwide very high. A variety of saree in the world like banarasi, silks, asam silk, kanjibaram, etc.

To start a saree manufacturing business, you need to first choose which kind of saree, you want to make. Suppose you want to make a silk saree, you need silk fabrics, colors, machinery, etc. You can sell it a saree brand, or either you can start your brand. Saree manufacturing is one of the best business ideas under 25 lakhs.

Pan Masala

Every Indian knows, how demand in India pan masala. Pan masala has high market potential. If you have a high vision you already understand this business potential.

To start a pan masala business you need areca nut with slaked lime, catechu, flavor, tobacco leaves, machinery, 5000 sqft of space, etc are required. You can sell it to an established pan masala brand or you can start your own brand. Pan masala is the best manufacturing business under 25 lakhs.

Franchise business ideas under 25 lakhs in India


Sleepwell mattresses brand, which gives you a high-profit margin, and it is a trustable brand Sleepwell has really good images with customers. To start Sleepwell franchise your investment will cost around 25 lakhs. To get the Sleepwell franchise: Click Here.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a competitor is Domino’s, but Domino’s franchise is costly and it charges high royalties, Pizza Hut’s cost is low and royalty charges are also low. As a pizza brand is not a bad franchise pizza hut. If you start a pizza hut franchise your cost will be probably 25 lakhs. You can start this business in your town. To get the Pizza Hut franchise: Click Here.

CCD (Cafe Coffee Day)

Cafe coffee day is the biggest coffee cafe brand in India. Some years this company makes some losses, and now it becomes profitable. If you want to start this business, I recommended you should start in the city, because, it is high price service, and villagers or small-town people don’t love spending on highly expensive things. To get the Cafe Coffee Day franchise: Click Here.


Before starting any business, you should analyze, twenty-five lakhs are not a small investment. And you should learn digital marketing because in today’s businesses without marketing it is tough to stand out. If you need any support, the Business Tub will help you, comment below and contact us.

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