What Is Digital Marketing? (Easy Explanation)

What Is Digital Marketing

In today’s modern technology for business Digital Marketing or online marketing is an excellent start to creating sales and marketing. Nowadays, online marketers mostly use search engines, websites, mobile apps, email, and social media for advertising.

what is digital marketing

Digital Marketing feature-

1. Audience Targeting-

Digital marketers find interested customers through research. because all social media platforms already have your data and information.

Example-  Suppose you have a T-shirt business, a consumer looking for a T-shirt on any search engine or website, you will then see those ads elsewhere or on other platforms. it works in digital marketing.

2. Immediate Feedback-  

Suppose an ads campaign runs but is not being effective, the target audience not converting visitors to your products, and they don’t have interest in your product. Digital marketers can easily see and change that.

Example-  You have a pest control business, you run ads on some specific areas for your pest control services by digital marketing, some area conversion rate is good, and in some areas, it’s not working, areas in which your ads have no effect or no work. a digital marketer can stop the ad campaign.

3. Low Budget

Traditional marketing is costly and can’t target relevant audiences. but digital marketing low-budget ad campaign that targets only the target audience. those are the reason digital marketing is low-budget.

Example Suppose you are a female soap seller and you want to sell soap.if you want to show them ads on social media and target female customers on age 20 to 40. it’s more affordable than traditional marketing.

If you want your ads and digital marketing journey to become more attractive and effective, you can read Guerrilla Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing-

  1. Pay-Per-Click
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Mobile Marketing
  6. Marketing Analytics

How Is it Work-

  1. Search Engine Optimization-  SEO helps rank your page, on google search results with content that fulfills user demand. ranking page creates organic traffic and ranks on the first page on the Google search results. when Digital marketers do SEO they are mainly focusing on these things putting relevant Keyword titles, meta descriptions, headlines (H1), High authority links putting in your articles, and feature images.
  2. Pay-Per-Click- Some advertisers pay to generate traffic on websites. when users click on the advertiser’s website they pay the publisher or similar search engine or pay one per click. digital marketers do here to run their ads nicely they do not make mistakes and they find the best tag for your product. 
  3. Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing (SMM) is an advertiser through a digital marketing agency that runs ads on social media platforms for their websites, products, and services to increase sales and traffic. and advertisers pay publishers. Digital marketers help them go to the perfect audience.
  4. Content Marketing- Content Marketing is engaging customers and audiences through articles, videos, podcasts, and other media, it is the best method of marketing this is a method of digital marketing that creates awareness and educates them easily based on products and services.
  5. Email Marketing- Marketing by sending messages, companies have your Email id they send messages through the digital marketer to customers. companies remind us to buy their products and services by Email marketing.
  6. Mobile Marketing- Mobile marketing is one of the digital marketing methods that reach the target audience through SMS, Email, Videos, and Social media, it is create awareness and reaches product information and potential customers.
  7. Marketing Analytics-  Marketing analytics is the collection of data about the customer’s and users’ performance and needs by internet data analytics tools. by using this data businesses better understand their customers and products. it is also in digital marketing.

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