11 Amazing Ways to Earn 70000 Per Month in India

Many people want to earn 70000 rupees per month, but zero to seventy thousand rupees earning is not an easy journey. To earn 70000 rupees per month needs many things like money, time, patience and the most important thing is required perfect and credible idea. No doubt, in-depth research here are 11 ways by which you can earn 70000 rupees per month.

11 Ways to You can Earn 70000 Rupees Per Month-

1. Real Estate Broker-

90% of milliners come from real estate. So if you want to be the next millionaire in India, a real estate broker is not a bad idea for you. And easy to earn 70000 thousand rupees per month as a real estate broker.
If you want to become a real estate broker, you need to build networking skills first, then you need to build networks. First, open an office, then if you get clients, you need to find a property to your client’s requirements, then needs to be discussed your commission, most probably commission is based on 1% of the total property price. Then you show the property to your client, if your clients like your property, then they buy your referral property and you get a commission from the builder or property owner.
But getting clients in this way takes many times, to get very fast clients some sites help you like HomeBazaar, 99acres, MagicBricks, etc.
How you become a real estate broker.

2. YouTube-

Today everyone knows about YouTube. But video monetization is not the only way to make money from YouTube, if you become a YouTuber many ways to generate income from your youtube channels, like affiliate marketing and paid promotion, also you can post that video on other platforms.
To become Youtuber needs to be able to face camera and video editing. And have a good phone or camera and most important you to patients because there is no shortcut, you need to connect with your audience. If your video viral then you can generate a great amount of money, at that time 70000 rupees is the minimum amount of money for you.

3. Builders-

If you want to earn 70000 rupees per month. You can start a builder. Everyone wants to make their own home. Making a home need sand, cement, bricks, steel, stone chips, etc. Builders are selling them from a retail store.
To start builders you need to rent a store, then create stocks of sand, cement, bricks, steel and stone ships, construction tools, marbles, paint, chemicals, etc. Then you can start your builders. Through the builders, you can make 70000 to 100000 easily.

4. Truck Transportation-

Every business owner needs transportation because they buy raw materials and sell their products to other places. The truck transport business is always in demand in the market.
To start a truck transportation business you need to buy a truck in EMI, and collabs with a company, obviously that company needs a regular basis truck. Truck transportation is a highly profitable business idea. If you want to start truck transportation read the Business Tub article, How to start a transportation business.

5. Digital Marketing Agency-

Digital marketing is the future. In India, only 339 million people have used the internet out of the 1.4 billion people. With the rise of the Internet, businesses are going digital., and businesses need more support on digital platforms.
To start a digital marketing agency you need to learn digital marketing. For that, you need to take the digital marketing course. After that, you need to take work from the freelancing platforms Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancing. Then if you grow up slowly, you can easily make 70000 rupees from a digital marketing agency.

6. Content Writing Agency-

Content marketing is in demand today, that’s why, content writing is in demand today, with it bloggers to
Youtuber everyone needs a content writer.
Becoming a content writer is easy, you need to learn about content writing. Then you can get work from freelancing platforms, and if you get work overload, then you can hire employees, and start your agency.

7. Online Teaching-

After the covid now many people shift online, also teaching businesses come to digital platforms. If anyone starts an online teaching business, more people connect with them easily and they make a good amount of money, offline is not easy or maybe is not possible.
To start online teaching you need an expert in something, or you know a specific skill. Then you can create accounts on online teaching platforms like Udemy, Open Learning, Up Grad, etc. And sell on there your course. And for marketing, you can teach on Youtube.

8. Beauty Parlour or Salon-

Every month or week everyone needs this service, these businesses are globally full of demand. These businesses are highly money-making businesses you can easily make seventy thousand rupees above.
To start a beauty parlor or salon need to learn about these, if you starting those businesses, you need to take the course and work with someone, and after some time, you are an expert in these fields. You can start your beauty parlor or salon.

9. Spice Selling-

India is a spice hub variety of spices are available here. Indian spices are in demand globally. The spice market it’s not ending anytime.
To start a spice business, you need to become a trader, buy from supplier,s and convert it into powder for selling to other businesses or in retail stores.

10. Export and Import-

Many Indian materials are in demand globally, and many materials and products are not available in India. Export and import businesses fill up those demands. It is an awesome opportunity to earn 70000 rupees above.
To start export and import businesses, you need to research products that are in demand in export or import businesses. Also, you can read the best 18 Export business ideas.

11. Dhaba-

On the Indian highway everywhere you see many dhabas available, and those dhabas have customers always.
If you want to start dhaba you can read: How to Dhaba starting full guidance.


If you chose any idea from here, you can easily earn 70000 rupees per month, or if you are from a different field also there you can earn 70k per month easily. Only you need to make it different and easy from others and put in some hard work. Don’t wait for someone just does it, here are also some without investment business ideas. If you have any issues or queries comment below.

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