7 Strategies of Digital Marketing for Franchises In 2022-2023

The franchise industry in India is growing by 30-35% every year, and India has a huge number of franchises.

From this huge number of franchises or this competitive franchise market, competing with competitors and taking your franchise business or franchise store ahead of your competitors is tough. So to make this tough thing easy the only way is digital marketing, if it can be done in the marketing of your franchise by digital marketing, then it is best.

Digital marketing is an amazing method of today that has left traditional marketing far behind. In digital marketing, you can check the results of your ads, target your customer, and change the audience of Ads at a low cost, so digital marketing for Franchises is necessary. So today, I will tell 7 effective digital marketing strategies for franchises.

 Digital Marketing for Franchises

7 Strategies of Digital Marketing for Franchises-

1. Local SEO-

Local SEO is the perfect method for marketing franchises because 80% of conversions come from local. Many people search for their nearest local business on the Google search engine or google maps.


Find low-competition and relevant keywords, and put them in the title and various places on your web page. Along with that, take backlinks from relevant websites. If you follow these steps, your page will rank on the first page.

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)-

Pay-per-click is another great digital marketing strategy for franchises. It does not require as much effort as SEO and is less time-consuming, it easily beats SEO. PPC places your keywords on the first page of search engines like Google through sponsored ads. Make your franchise the first option for your customers.


You have to run sponsored ads on your franchise’s website in search engines, by which your webpage will rank at the top of the first page. You have to pay according to per click, by which you will get an interested audience.

3. Social Media Ads Campaigns-

To target the closest customers in your franchises or announce your franchises a social media promotion is essential. The social media ads campaign is necessary to define the target audience according to your product. Accordingly, run ads on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.


To run social media ads, you need to upload your product images in advance on social media. Before running ads, you need to know the extent of your franchise’s customer area. And you need to have an idea of ​​what age your customers might be. You have to run ads accordingly.

4. Email-

91% of consumer check their email regularly email. Effective email marketing strategy by which you can retarget your old customers and inform them about the new products of your franchises and you can inform them of new offers or sales.


Take customers’ emails while making bills. And segment them your category-wise, and send them emails accordingly.

Marketing automation can help better in this regard.

5. Content Marketing-

Content marketing a digital marketing strategy provides consumers with informational or entertaining content, generating conversions. And convert your customers through blogs, videos, and infographics.


For content marketing, you need to create content related to your product or create content on trending topics.

6. Google My Business-

Google My Business is where you can list your business on Google Maps. And here you can show your franchise products and franchise store freely.


It can bring traffic from Google search engines if you do SEO well. And if you put sponsor ads then your sign will show bold from other businesses on google maps.

7. Website-

A good website brings conversions to your business. When a visitor visits your website the visitor wants fast loading, company and product information, and contact numbers. You should design your website keeping these things in mind.


Get good hosting before creating the website. And try SEO, SMO, and PPC, but before that, you have to decorate your website beautifully.

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