40 Business Ideas for Housewives, Start with Low Investment

Today many housewives and mothers want to start their businesses with little investment along with their daily homework. So if you are a housewife and want to earn a good amount and create a good business, this article is for you, we will tell 40 low investment business ideas for housewives with low investment. Start a business at your convenience.

40 Business Ideas For Housewives-

Business Ideas For Housewives

1. Content Writing-                                                             

If you are good at writing, you can write different YouTube and blog content through freelancing platforms.

2. Cooking & Food Review-

Usually, housewives are cooking experts, and they know about food. You can create videos, teach cooking or give food reviews with the help of YouTube and any type of social media.

3. Blogging-

If you are good at something and afraid to face the camera, then you can create a website by writing and providing information, which you can earn through Ads.

4. Books Review-

If you love to read books, then you can earn a decent amount of money by sharing that book knowledge with everyone. And if you want, you can sell books through affiliate marketing Through YouTube videos and blogging.

5. Vlogging-

Today many housewives are vlogging daily so you can also be doing vlogs too through YouTube and social media. And can earn a good amount of money.

6. Website & Domain Flipping-

If you can buy different domains or create different websites and sell them with content, then you can earn a decent amount of money.

There are many platforms available for this Sedo.com, Flippa.com, afternic.com, etc.

7. Freelancing-

Here you will get work with different skills, such as coding and website design, graphics design, video editing, etc. For this, companies will pay you some of which percent you have to share with freelancing platform sites. Freelancing is an awesome online business idea for housewives.

Freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

8. Affiliate Marketing-

You can do affiliate marketing through YouTube and blogs, and if you have social media followers, you can also do affiliate marketing through that.

Affiliate marketing is where companies pay a commission for selling their products & services.

9. Tiffin Service-

Tiffin’s service business is the easiest business idea for housewives. Many people can’t cook or don’t have time to cook due to busy schedules, but they want to eat healthy food like, at home, you can supply food to them. Tiffin services great business opportunities for housewives.

Also, you need to know, How To Start A Tiffin Service Business.

10. Painting Selling-

Many people have a hobby to decorate their walls, and for that, they buy paintings with big money. If you are good at painting, you can start this business with your social media accounts or many platforms available such as Etsy, Saathi Art, UGallery, etc.

11. Social Media Consultant-

If you have an expert on how to gain followers on social media and know which hashtags are trending and which hashtags can be used when etc. Then you can earn a handsome amount by being a social media consultant to various clients.

12. Online products selling-

You can sell some products on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. For this, you need to research the product and find the product, or if you have any product you can sell it.

If you sell on Flipkart you need, How to increase sales on Flipkart?

If you sell on amazon you need, How to increase sales on Amazon?

13. Handmade Jewelry-

If you can make handmade jewelry or collect it from any manufacturer, then you can sell them through social media or online e-commerce platforms.

14. Niche e-commerce

This is the most beautiful business idea for housewives. If you can sell Indian traditional clothes and other accessories or bike-based clothes and products with the help of e-commerce.

15. Bakery-

Many women are experts in making cakes. If you have made the cake at home if your cake is delicious. You can also sell cakes from home. For this, you need to post on social media and let people know about it. It is one of the great business ideas for housewives.

16. Coaching Center-

If you are skilled in any subject, then you can open any coaching center, like Painting Coaching Centres, Dancing Coaching Centre, Singing Coaching Centre, Cooking Coaching Centre, etc.

17. Course selling-

If you have skills in any subject, then you can sell courses through various platforms, courses like- coding, management, time management, Excel sheet, etc.

18. Pet Care-

Many people have no one to watch their pets when they go out of the house during office hours or on any other tour. They find someone who watches their pets and cares for them. You can start this business if you want. For this, you need to inform your neighborhood or society, by which you can sell pet products.

19. Child Care-

In many homes, there is no one to watch their children due to the absence of parents or during office hours. You can take care of them and teach them basic studies if you want.

20. Youtube-

You can earn a heavy amount by making different videos and uploading them on Youtube. Like podcasts, roasting, teaching, music, prank, education, etc. YouTube is the best online business for housewives.

21. Laundry Service-

Many housewives do laundry service business, they inform their nearest area with the help of WhatsApp and social media. You can do also a dry cleaning service with it.

22. Beauty Parlors-

Beauty parlors are the most demanding business today, beauticians are needed everywhere from weddings to birthday parties, and women sometimes have to go to the beauty parlor. So you can open a beauty parlor by doing a beauty parlor course somewhere.

23. Paper Bag-

As plastic bags are banned, the demand for paper bags is increasing. Malls, small shops, and companies require a lot of paper bags. You can start making paper bags with raw materials from any paper bag company.

24. Soap Making-

Many people like to use Ayurvedic soap. You can make ayurvedic soap with raw materials if you want.

25. Sale of Desi Ghee and Paneer-

If you know how to make ghee or paneer. You can sell them on social media or sell them in your society.

26. Homemade Sweets And Cookies-

If you can make good sweets or cookies. You can sell them with the help of social media.

27. Mini Nursery-

If you have a passion for plants or gardening, you can sell them by producing small seedlings. There are many platforms for this.

Also, you need to know, How To Start A Nursery Business.

28. Data Entry-

Many companies offer data entry jobs and pay a decent amount for it.

29. Virtual Assistants-

Many companies and individuals need virtual assistants, for social media handling, daily work schedules, marketing, etc.

30. Consultancy-

If you have skills in any subject, like business, plant management, children’s knowledge, etc. You can charge money for providing consultancy to various clients in that regard.

31. Yoga and Gym Trainer-

Many are health conscious, but they need proper guidance, if you know about yoga or gyms, then you can earn by training others.

32. Event Photograph-

Almost all events take the photographer to capture moments and hold memories, so if there is an interest in photography, then you can start by renting or buying the camera.

33. Selling Clothes –

You can start selling by buying a small number of clothes like curtains, kids’ clothes, women’s clothes, pillows and bed covers, etc.

34. Sell Photos Online-

If you love to take pictures, then you can sell those pictures.

There are many photo-selling platforms are available online, such as Adobe Stock and Canva, to sell images of various natures or celebrities, etc.

35. Interior Decorator-

If you love to make the interior of the house beautiful, or you have ideas in this regard, then you can start an interior decoration business.

36. Event Management-

If you have event management experience, you can convert it into a business.

Also, you need to know, How To Start Event Management Business.

37. Candles Making-

Candles are in high demand in places like birthdays, temples, and churches. So you can buy raw materials and make candles in different styles.

38. Flowers Bouquet Making or Selling-

Flowers bouquet business competition is very low, but the profit margin is high. If you can make flower bouquets, then you can start this business with very little investment.

39. Website Designing-

Almost every business needs a website today, so its demand is very high, If you want, you can easily learn how to make a website, and you can make a website from WordPress for the client.

40. Video Editing-

Today every video creator needs video editors, that wise, video editing demand is very high. You can also learn video editing skills and can earn a decent amount of money. It is the most demanding business idea for housewives with low investment.

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