Amazing 24 Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh ( Easy To Start )

Are you looking for profitable business ideas under Rs 1 lakh?

Sometimes there is no courage or ability to invest huge capital. But there is a desire to do business.

Who wants to start a good business with an investment of Rs 1 lakh? Then this article is for you. Here I will tell you business ideas under 1 lakh, which will help you to build a big business for just 1 lakh rupees.

Most importantly, a 1 lakh rupees investment is not less for a business. You have to research and invest carefully. I will give the basic information of this article, then you have to work dedicatedly.

Online marketing strategies are necessary before starting a business.

Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh-

1. Pest Control-

Diseases like dengue are increasing with the increasing population, that’s why today every person is afraid. And pest control is required once a month and once a week.

 You can start this business in your city or any other city. Need to rent a small warehouse and buy a spray machine and some chemicals to start this business. Can keep an employee or can start alone. Some places will beat the poster for this. All this may cost 30000-40000 rupees.

2. Garden Management-


There are many garden lovers, who don’t have to force to sell garden products. You can sell many products, such as tubs, plants, organic fertilizers, etc.

For this, you need to rent a small place, where a few plants, tubs, etc, should be kept. And you have to tie up with a nursery. Make short videos for marketing and share them on YouTube and WhatsApp. It may cost you up to 90000-110000 rupees. It is the most beautiful business idea among business ideas under 1 lakh.

3. Institutes-

If you have any subject expertise, then you can open institutes, such as yoga, dance, education, music, etc.

 You can start by renting a big hall room, some lights, an AC and instruments to run your institute.  For which your cost may be between 60000- 80000.

4. Pen & Pencil Manufacturing-

If you have free space, then you can start a pen manufacturing business at home. And you can sell pens through distributors. You can get pen-making machines and raw materials for under 100000 rupees. This is one of the best business ideas under 1 lakh.

The same applies to pencils. Similarly, it can be sold like a pen, and the cost is the same.

5. Candle Making-


Generally, candles are used for religious and decoration purposes. And its demand in the market is very big. 

You can start this business at a very low cost and you can do this business from home too. Candle making requires raw materials and a machine. And you can start in 25000-30000 and the distributor can sell through it.

6. Photography Business-

If you have a passion for photography, then you can start a business. There is lots of demand for photographers, from YouTube video shooting to wedding shooting, etc.

You can start this business by buying a camera and lights, which will cost up to 60000-70000 rupees, and also you can start with a camera and lights on rent. You just need to post and promote well on social media.

7. Fast Food Business-

Food trolleys and food trucks are very popular in Indian markets. If your recipe is good, then you can leave everyone behind, and for that, you can hire a good chef.

Trolleys and kitchenware, etc are needed to start this business. It will cost you 80000-100000 rupees.

8. Dry Cleaning-

Many clothes cannot be washed with water, for that dry cleaning is required. Like leather jackets, blazers, and some sarees.

A small space is enough to start this dry cleaning business, and a machine will cost you between 40000-50000 rupees.

9. Tiffin System-

If you can cook well enough, you can start a tiffin delivery or tiffin system business. You only need to deliver food to people who can’t cook, like local PGs, hostels, and local small shops.

You can start from home, for this, you need an investment of 15000-25000. And to grow your business, you can hire an employee.

10. Online Product Selling-

You can pick a few products and sell them online, on platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, and Messo. For this, you need to take stock of a few products. And to be uploaded to e-commerce websites.

This business can start from home. It may cost you 50000-70000 rupees to start, including marketing and promotion.

11. Bakery Shop-

If you have a specialty in making cakes. You can open a bakery shop.

A small shop needs to rent for doing this business. Some posters are for marketing and other requirements for bakery shops. 100000 rupees is enough for this, with shop decoration.

13. Online Teaching-

If you are an expert in any skills, then you can teach the online. 

To start online teaching, you need a good laptop with a good video camera and a good wifi connection. It is a business idea under 1 lakh.

14. Pickle Making-

Pickle is a traditional thing for women in India. So you can make good pickles. You can start a pickle business.

For this, you will need a few jars and stickers. And you can sell it in shops. All in all, it will cost you 5000-10000 rupees.

15. Real Estate Broker-

India is developing, so property buying and selling will continue. But to sell this property, brokers are needed. This broker has contacts with sellers and buyer’s customers.

So to start this business you need contacts first. You can rent an office and partner with some old brokers. You can work on their contact. And for that, you need to give them a table in your office. For which you may need to invest 20000-30000 rupees.

16. Slippers Manufacturing-

A slipper is our regular necessity. So you can start this business without any doubt.

Raw materials and machines are required to start this business. You can start this business at Rs 60000-80000. It is the best manufacturing business under 1 lakh.

17. Interior Design-

Every person wants to decorate their home. For that, interior decorators are needed.

To start this business, only contacts and design sense are needed. Do your marketing by doing some digital marketing. For this, your investment is 10000-15000 enough.

18. Taxi Service-

The demand for Ola and Uber is high. If you want, you can start a business under taxi rental companies like ola and uber.

 You can get a 2nd hand car,  which is between 100000 -110000 rupees. You can rent a car under companies like Ola and Uber, with a driver. It can be a passive income business idea under 1 lakh.

19. YouTube-

If you are confident in front of the camera and can bring something unique, then you can grow very quickly on YouTube.

This requires a good mobile camera, a good internet connection, and a computer for uploading and editing. For this, you will need an investment of 50000-70000. It is the best business idea among business ideas under 1 lakh.

Best 5 franchises business ideas under 1 lakh-

20. Amazon Space Program-

21. Indian Post

22. TATA 1 mg

23. DTDC

24. Amul Milk Parlour

These 5 are the best business ideas under 1 lakh.


If you work in a dedicated way on these 1 lakh business ideas. Then you can be financially stable and some businesses can become millionaires if started.

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