15 High-profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 1 lakh

The manufacturing business is highly profitable, but most people think it takes a lot of investment to start a manufacturing business, and whether there will be future demand for manufacturing businesses. Today I will discuss the solution to these problems in this article, I will tell you about, manufacturing business under 1 lakh.
These manufacturing business ideas will never decrease in demand and will give high profit. Which will allow you to start within 1 lakh. So read this article entirely and choose according to your investment and interest, and I am sure it will give you a high profit.

You can get machinery to start a manufacturing business from Indiamart and some such sites. And if there is not enough money, the Indian government gives loans to manufacturing businesses. You can apply from PMEGP loan.
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15 Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 1 lakh 

1. Slippers

As almost every person uses slippers. 60000-70000 rupees investment in machinery and raw materials to start a slipper manufacturing business. It is the best manufacturing business under 1 lakh.  


2. LED Bulb

LED bulbs are used everywhere today. Indian Government is supporting and providing loans for LED bulb manufacturing. To start a small LED bulb manufacturing unit investment will be 70000-80000 rupees.  

3. Ayurvedic Medicine

The plants used to make Ayurvedic medicine are mostly found in India. Therefore Ayurveda medicine can be made and imported. Investment for making Ayurveda medicine will be a minimum of 50000 rupees.

 4. Printed T-shirts

College students wear different printed T-shirts according to different trends. That’s why printed t-shirts are always in demand. To start this business, need an approx investment of 100000-120000 rupees.

5. Nail Manufacturing

Nail demand is high in the construction field and will continue to be in demand. So starting a nail manufacturing business will not make a loss. To start a nail manufacturing business, it will cost 100000-150000 rupees.

6. PVC Coupler and PVC Band

PVC couplers and PVC bands are used in construction and electrical wiring.  So if someone manufactures PVC couplers and PVC bands, they will see demand with a high-profit margin. You can start a PVC coupler and PVC band manufacturing business in 1 lakh.

7. Ballpen

Every person needs a ballpen regularly. This business will be in demand in the future. So to start this business have to invest in raw materials and machinery, which will cost 30000-35000 rupees.

8. Paper Plate

Paper plates are in demand at picnics and birthday parties and will increase with time. So to start paper plate manufacturing an investment of Rs 70000-75000 will be required.

9. Cleaning Wipers

The wiper is needed to clean the floor. Especially if it takes the wiper from the floor to pass the water. You can start a wiper manufacturing business under 15000.

10. Bindi Making

Indian women use bindi, and it is their regular need. Investment to start Bindi making business is Rs 100000-120000. Bindi making is a great manufacturing business under 1 lakh.

11. Agarbatti Manufacturing

Agarbatti is used for Hindu religious work or fragrance. Agarbatti manufacturing is not a loss-making business. The cost of Agarbatti manufacturing is rs 70000-90000 with raw materials and machinery.

12. Rubber Band

The rubber band is used to pack goods and grocery store and tie hair. It will cost 50000 rupees to start a manufacturing business.

13. Cement Brick Making

Brick is an essential thing for any construction work, and with time traditional brick production is decreasing and cement brick demand is increasing. When making cement brick, high profit can be seen. The investment will require 100000-120000 rupees to make cement bricks.

14. Noodles

Noodles are always in demand. To start a noodle manufacturing business cost will be 30000-35000 rupees.

15. Spice

Indian spices are very famous worldwide. The demand for spices is increasing with the population. So if spices are sold as a powder, then heavy profit can be generated. To start a spice manufacturing business investment will be 40000-50000 rupees.


Before starting any manufacturing business, know about every piece of information and knowledge, so that you can run your business easily. You collect information from Google and YouTube and can meet your field manufacturer.

The B2B Sales process, helps you to create sales in your manufacturing business.

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