The Best Way Sales Process For B2B

Many  B2B businesses fail due to a lack of proper sales or proper sales process, B2B sales process is, how to convert prospects into customers and create repeat customers.

Sales are about turning leads into customers. Many salespeople don’t understand how to do that. they just call the leads and hope for the best. If you want to do better at sales, here are 7 steps that you can follow to ensure that you convert your leads into customers.

Sales Process for B2B, you improve your sales skills. So that your selling is more convenient.


Sales Process For B2B-

1. Prospecting-  

You need to find those companies who are interested in your product and want to buy the product. contact them by email and phone calls and set a meeting with them.

Example- Suppose you are a raw material seller. You have to search those companies, who need your raw material to manufacture their products.

A tip for you, Search Google for the sector in which you will sell your product, which will give you information about companies’ names and contacts.

2. Preparation

Every successful salesman knows this. Before starting the meeting, you should know the basic information about prospects. Like competitors’ prices, features, not only your also your prospects, and their problems, and sector news.

How do you know these informations?

Open their official website and read all information. Follow the prospect on LinkedIn and in their case, read news and go to social media groups to get information.

3. Approach-

 After fixing a meeting or by calling, when you approach your prospects, ask them some offers and questions. this will leave an impression on your prospects. it is the most effective way sales process for B2B.


  • Whether your current raw material supplier timely delivered your raw material?
  • Your raw material is good, and how much more production does this raw material give you?
  • Give some discount to your new prospects.
  • Give some samples to your prospects.

4. Presentation-

It is the smart move for the sales process for B2B. When you pitch to your prospects and ask them questions, try to know that through answers. what prospects want, target their key points. and find out how your product is solving their problems. and explain it to them through demonstrations and presentations. For example, video to understand how this product is solving their problem, and give them samples, so they understand how to use them.

Convince the prospect that you are always ready to help. Because B2B customers are repeat customers and don’t try to force the sale

5. Objection Handling –

B2B selling is not easy. After your pitch, many questions and objections will come from the prospect. you must know how to handle them. most questions will be awkward.

For example-

Objections – I don’t have time today.

Reaction- No problem, can we have a meeting anytime next month for 10 minutes.

Objection– Since it is for b2b, I have to buy many products so there will be no problem after purchase?

Reaction- For that we let you use a small amount for free.

6. Closing-

After completing all the steps, after handling objections, when the prospect understands your product fulfills their needs. the next problem is the price of the product. Many times, prospects are afraid to invest so much money at once. Because b2b  has to buy a lot of products. Give them samples. and show some customers, that if ‘you don’t buy this month, the price of this product will go up next month.’ it is the last stage of the B2B sales strategy to convert prospects to customers.

7. Follow-Up-

The sales process for B2B doesn’t end here, because B2B customers are repeat customers. Ask questions to your customers-

  1. Is the product delivered correctly?
  2. Is the quality of the product good?
  3. Has your problem been solved?

 Because these questions help you build relationships with your customers. and every time you receive an order, you can build a relationship with your customer and get reviews about the product. in this way, they will become your repeat and permanent customers. and they will refer others in their sector.

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