15 Easy Ideas to Make 30000 Rupees Per Month

Do want to earn 30000 rupees every month, And looking for adequate ways to earn money. But nothing you get the perfect way to earn 30000 rupees, The these article for you. Here are some of the ideas, anyone can make monthly 30000 rupees. 

Also, Small Business Ideas Under 30000

15 Ways to Make 30000 Rupees In a Month-

1. Blogging-

 If you expert in something but you won’t face a camera, then it is an amazing method to generate monthly income. Today you can start blogging you can do it with web stories, web stories are a method, and you can provide information & knowledge with helpful images and short-form content.

To start blogging you need a hosting with domain and need to create a website to provide knowledgeable content. To do a blog you need to know some factors like content writing, SEO, article writing, etc. Through blogging, you can earn money above RS 30000 per month from home.

2. Freelancing-

Freelancing is a method everyone can earn 30,000 per month online through their skills & interest. Freelancing is here for every business owner and company looking for a part-time or remote worker to complete their work and various tasks. You can find here, your skill & interest-based work. There are many types of work like content writing, copywriting, title writing, PDF designing, and video editing, and there is also some work that does not need any kind of skills. But here is the need to know how to approach your clients. To do freelancing you can register from Fiverr.

3. Online Products Selling-

If you have a product or not you can research products from whole seller sites like Shopify, Aliexpress, Alibaba, etc. And sell products on e-commerce sites or create an e-commerce website and sell products here. To sell online you can easily make 30000 rupees per month.

4. YouTube-

If you are good in communication skills or you can face cameras, then you start posting video type of content. Here is also two types of videos available long videos & shorts.

To start the YouTube journey you need to know about video editing and good communication skill. Also, have a good mobile with good camera quality. By making YouTube videos you will definitely earn more than thirty thousand rupees per month.

5. Puffed Rice Manufacturing-

If won’t do online business, then you will go into the manufacturing business. Puffed rice in India is a highly demanding food. If you manufacture puffed rice, then you don’t need to tension about selling, because every grocery store needs to be puffed rice.

To start puffed rice making you need a 150sq store room and machinery and the same raw materials. To start this business investment will be required 1 lakh rupees. If you start a puffed rice manufacturing business you can easily make 30k per month with no skill or degree. To start puffed rice making you need a 150sq store room and machinery and the same raw materials. To start this business investment will be required 1 lakh rupees. If you start a puffed rice manufacturing business you can easily make 30k per month with no skill or degree.

6. Fast Food Van-

If you are good at cooking or not you can hire a good, and start a fast food van. If your food items are good in a test and if you are located in the correct place you can easily make a monthly 30000. And also you can do marketing on social media.

To start a fast food van, you need a van and utilities like tools, lights, kitchen utensils, spoons, plates, lights, etc.

7. Cyber Cafe-

The cyber cafe is very much in demand always, Indian cyber cafes have a lot of work like Aadhar card making, pan card making, passport size photo making, printout, etc. So if you start a cyber cafe you can easily make 30000 thousand rupees every month.

  To start a cyber cafe you need a rent a store, and you need a computer & printers & wifi connection, etc.

8. Tea Cafe –

A tea stall is old times to make new and creative. Tea is an emotion for Indian youngsters to senior citizens everyone loves tea. If you start a tea cafe and can decorate the cafe with the correct location, the tea is good and the price is the same, then you can’t control the crowd.

To start a tea cafe you need to rent a cheap store and decorate the cafe, and you need utilities and a helping hand person. Through tea cafes, you can easily make 30000 rupees every single month.

How to start a cafe

9. Trading-

Trading is a risky business, but if you can know the correct method to trade you can easily make money. Trading is many types like stock trading, crypto trading, bonds trading commodity trading, etc.

Before starting trading, you need to learn properly about trading, because knowing the techniques you follow, then your capital will be destroyed. To start trading you need a computer & good internet connection and if you invest in trading 3 to 4 lakh you can easily make 30000 rupees every month. Must you need a Demat & trading account to make Demat & trading account in India’s old & trusted brokerage company Angel Broking.

10. Photos Selling-

If you loved photography, then you can sell photos on online sites like Adobe Stock, Depositphotos, Getty Images, iStock, etc. If you can click any type of photo and sell it online. You can click these photos from your camera or mobile. Photo selling is you can earn 30,000 per month without investment.

11. Social Media Influencer-

 If you love posting videos & photos on social media, then why not become a social media influencer? You can make videos on social media like entertaining videos, comedies, reels, vlogging, etc. To become social media influencer you don’t need anything you can earn from social media above 30000 rupees per month without investing.

12. Cab Service-

Today many people make passive income from the cab service business. You can also start a cab service business with the help of cab service companies ola & uber. To start a cab service business you can buy a second-hand car and need to register in commercial cars. Then you can easily start a cab service business register with a cab service company.

13. Truck Transportation-

The transport business is a highly demanding business today and its market has increased with time. Companies to farmers everyone to transport their raw materials with the help of trucks. If you start a truck transport business, you can purchase a truck on a rent monthly basis, and can rent it on a daily basis. Through that business, you can easily make 30000 rupees monthly.

14. Mobile Phone Accesries-

Today in India everyone used a smartphone, so if you sell mobile phone accessories, like back covers, skins, back skins, glass guards, etc. To start this business you need to connect with good suppliers, and you can sell it from a small stall or rental store it’s the best option for selling mobile phone accessories on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho, etc. By selling mobile phone accessories you can easily make 15k-30k per month.

15. FMCG Products Distributor-

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are high-demand products. Mostly every retail store needs FMCG products. To start an FMCG distribution business, you can apply from companies’ websites. Here is no need for any skills or experience. If you start an FMCG distribution business you can easily make 30000 rupees per month.


If you want to earn 30000 in a month, you can pick up any idea from here. If you work on it dedicatedly, you achieved 30000 rupees per month.

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