11 Steps How To Start A Cafe In India And Create A Brand

College students to couples weekly or monthly go to the cafe once. The demand for cafes especially in winter is high, and also cafe is a highly profitable business idea, so if you have heard these words.

Also know that 90% of cafe and restaurant businesses close within 5 years, and they couldn’t be profitable. So I will tell in this article how to start a cafe in India and how to make it profitable, and create a brand. Implement all the steps in this article on your cafe startup.

How To Start A Cafe In India-

How To Start A Cafe In India
How To Start A Cafe In India

Find A Location-

The most important thing to starting a cafe business is the location. You can open a cafe in your area near a heritage place, a highway bypass, and a college. While deciding the location, the store you are renting can be seen by everyone from the road, is there parking, water service, etc? and how much is the rent there? What is the society like there or what kind of money do people spend according to food?

It’s necessary to know about these questions. You have to keep the food price accordingly.

Business Budgeting-

Now that your cafe space is chosen and the location’s rent is known, another necessary step comes, which is budgeting. Before investing in the business, calculate or estimate how much money you may have to invest. And keep calculating to take each step.


If the estimated idea of budgeting. Then these licensees must be arranged.

All types of licensees required to run a cafe business are-

  • FSSAI.
  • Trade Licenses.
  • Liquor Licenses.
  • Adhar Udays.
  • MSME.

And register your business trademark and domain. It will be needed to create a brand.


If your store rental and license are ready, then it’s time to create the ambiance of the cafe, because the young generation especially comes to make photoshoots and reels. So you have to decorate your cafe by making the gorgeous.

The best option to decorate your cafe interior is to hire an interior decorator and if hiring an interior decorator is out of your budget, you can decorate by looking at images from Pinterest.  And remember that it is important to decorate both outdoors and indoors well.


Necessary Items To Start A Cafe-

Purchase materials to start the cafe, like a coffee machine, microwave, oven & cylinder, utensils, designer cups & plates, etc. These are the best options to buy. Buy your state from the big wholesale market like Delhi Chor Bazaar, Mumbai Meena Bazaar, etc according to your state. Furniture like Chairs, Tables, Mirrors, etc. The furniture you can rent and buy the if you have a budget.

The best option for renting furniture is sites like Pepperfry, or you can also talk to your local furniture store.

Hire Staff-

However, a good cook is needed to run the cafe. Must test their cooking skill before hiring. And hiring experienced managers and waiters who are well-behaved is a must.

Food List-

Depending on your state what kind of food items are prevalent you need to include them in the cafe menu. Along with coffee, good snacks should also be provided. The menu list should be prepared in such a way that many items can be prepared with few raw materials.

Raw Material-

Raw materials such as chicken meat, vegetables, coffee, tea, etc, should be bought fresh, and for this, a good supplier should be found who can provide you with cheap rates and good raw materials. Now you are ready to start the cafe in India.


Marketing is most important after starting a cafe. For marketing, you need to run various social media ads. And especially the Instagram page should be made, with food images. Do local SEO with it. And you should be interacting and vlogging with various local food vloggers at your cafe. And create a well-decorated cafe and customers will upload photos of your cafe to their social media accounts, thereby automating your marketing. Besides, large banners should be placed outdoors in the cafe.

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Make Your Cafe High Profitable-

Understanding customer purchasing power is most important to make a business highly profitable. You need to understand the customer base to understand, and what kind of food you will price.

Like-  If you start a cafe near the college, then you have to keep the food price low and bring more customers. Because students don’t have much money to buy high-priced food, and they are regular customers of cafes.

Again, if you start a cafe on the side of the highway, the price of food is high. Because especially the highway car runs, so the presence of cars in India means that they are on the list of the higher middle class. So there is no problem if you keep high-priced food there.

Make Your Cafe Into Brand-

To make the brand should be famous in the local area. If you have good food quality with ambiance, then you can open a second outlet. And remember that the target customer is the same category of people. And the website should be made. The same data like cooking style, behavior, and food quality should be the same. By opening such an outlet, you can create a brand for your small cafe.

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