8 Steps to Start a Real Estate Business in India

90% of millionaires are from real estate, and an estimated 2030 it’s cross a 1 trillion industry in India. So if you want to start your own real estate business and want to join the list of millionaires, but you don’t have money enough to start a real estate business, then in this article, I will tell you “How to start a real estate business in India with no money” read this article properly so you can start your own real estate business.


What are Real Estate Business / Types of Real Estate Business-

There are mainly 3 types of real estate businesses-

  1. Real Estate Land Agent- There is no need for any investment a real estate land agent has to find vacant land according to the needs of builders and various companies and the agent should finalize the deal with the land owner and the buyer.
  2. Real Estate Builder- Becoming a builder needs a huge amount of investment. The builder builds commercial property and residential properties through that they can rent those properties and sell them.
  3. Real Estate Property Agent- Becoming a real estate property agent or broker needs a little amount of investment, real estate properties agent are selling builder properties to a buyer or real estate investor. Real estate agents charge 1℅ from the seller and 1% from the buyer based on the valuation of the property.

Example- If the property valuation is 1cr, then the real estate agent will get 1 lakh from the buyer and 1 lakh from the seller.

A real estate business is an amazing and highly profitable business, so if you want to become a real estate agent then read this entire article.


How To Start A Real Estate Business In India-


Become a real estate agent in India requires some essential skills like-

  • Communication Skills.
  • Sales Skills.
  • Relationship Building Skills.
  • Personality.


A little bit of experience and knowledge in the field is required to do real estate business like needs to know prices, property documents, and laws. For this, you can gain experience by working under a real estate agent.


To become a real estate agent in India the most important thing is the network, the network will give you customers. You can create a network by working under an agent, and you can also create a network by posting various property sales on social media.


A license is required to become a real estate agent. RERA is the only license for real estate in India. Apply it according to your state and its charges according to the state.

Connecting With Builders-

Builders will give you properties to sell, so connecting with builders is very important. To connect with the builder, you need to make a visiting card and meet with the builder, as required by your client location.

Build A Team-

When you start an agency, the less staff you hire, the better for you. So at first, keep an experienced real estate employee so that he can communicate with the clients.

Open An Office –

Create an office where everyone can see it and write your company name and phone number on the front of the banner and what type of property you sell.


The sale is the main portion of this article. There are many steps to sales-


If you have networked by working under someone before, show them the property by emailing them, sharing WhatsApp videos, or calling them. It’s one of the methods to start a real estate business without investment.

Property Selling Platform-

There are some property-selling platforms like 99acres.com, magicbricks, Housing.com, etc. Platforms have different packaging planning, according to the type of investment you will get customers, so upload properties pictures on these sites and purchase good premium packaging.

Social Media Posting-

 If you can provide video content through various social media, if it is popular then you will get many leads. And it’s a method to start a real estate business in India with no money.


If you build a website and run Google ads, you will get potential leads. You can also register your company on Justdial and Google My Business.

7 online marketing strategies will help you understand more about the subject of online marketing.

Now we know how to start a real estate business in India. So why are you waiting? Start your real estate agency.

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