9 New Ideas to Make Money with AI Tools


Time is changing, and you have to change yourself with trends, AI has already arrived, AI decreases your workload by 99%, and AI is reducing your work time in a few clicks. This is the correct time for you should update yourself with AI, grab this opportunity, and make money earlier. AI is not replacing jobs, it allows you to make money through Ai tools. Many companies and agency is are already adopted AI technology, so why you are back-dated? Here are 9 ideas to make money with AI tools. If you work on this properly, you can easily make $1000 daily.

9 Ideas to Make Money with AI Tools

Dubbing Videos

Many Youtubers and companies dub their videos differently in languages because all over the world not everyone speaks English, that’s why, many companies and Youtubers have to transcribe their videos in different languages. Agencies and freelancers for dubbing a video, charge $10 to $20 per 10 minutes, and they have to go to the studio to transcribe in different languages, record, and have to do many other things, it very time-consuming for them. But here is an advantage for you, you don’t have to do any hard work, and you can transcribe that video in different languages within minutes and without any kind of hard work through Dubverse. Dubverse AI transcribes your videos in different languages within minutes. Also, you can dub on original voice in different languages, this is the best advantage for you, because other agencies and freelancers can’t do that. You can create accounts on freelancing platforms or you can reach out to YouTubers directly, and through this AI tool, you can make a nice amount of money.


Graphic Selling

Designedcrowd is a graphic selling platform, here people sell there are different types of graphics designing like t-shirt designing, logos designing, e-book covers, etc. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry about this, you can simply go to Art AI Generator, through Art AI Generator platform, you can easily generate any kind of AI pictures. After generating pictures, you can easily edit them on Canva and sell them on Designedcrowd.


open art

Business Name Contests

For many companies and start-ups looking for a name for their products and services, NAMEING FORCE helps to find suitable names for their companies, products, and services. You can generate money by NAMEING FORCE platforms, to participate there business name contests.

Suppose, a company launched a new notebook, and they’re looking for a suitable name for their notebooks, you can easily participate there and can make a nice amount of money. But if you don’t have an idea about product and service names, you can simply go to Chatsonic, and you can ask Chatsonic “Write name ideas list for my notebook business” Chatsonic will give you names. You can simply, copy and paste them on NAMEING FORCE.

Naming force

Making Short Videos from Long Content

Some YouTube videos have heavy amounts of views, you can easily convert them from long-form into short-form videos and upload them on your Youtube channel and other social media platforms. It especially, works with podcasts, because the full podcast is not interesting or valuable, you can cut that podcast. Also, you can reach out to YouTubers to make their short videos from cutting long videos. Also, you can create an account on freelancing platforms to sell this service. Vidyo.ai here helps to make short videos from long content, in just a few minutes, you just simply go and paste a video URL and this AI automatically generates short-form videos from a long video.


Text to Speech Converter

Many Youtubers and companies are required to convert text to speech. Freelancers and agencies are doing so for a nice fee, you can charge less, and also you can deliver faster than them, because many are text to speech converter tools are available like Elevenlabs, Goole Text To Speech, etc.

E-books Selling

Amazon is helping you to sell E-books on kdp.amazon.com through that many writers are making a nice amount of money, but e-book writing is very time-consuming. But here is the solution for you, you can simply go on Chat GPT and give a command, and Chat GPT gives you a complete e-book. After that, you can easily sell your e-books. Only you have to create an e-book cover through Art AI Generator and Canva.


Subtitles on Video

Many YouTubers prefer to add subtitles to their video, but it’s very time-consuming for them, and for that they hire freelancers. But it also freelancers takes time and too much effort. But you don’t worry about this, vidyo.ai automatically generates subtitles on videos in just a couple of seconds. Also, you can edit the subtitles easily, and through that, you can make money.


Photo Restoration

Photo restoration freelancers charge a nice amount of money on the freelancing platforms, and it’s time-consuming for them. But you can do this easily by helping AI. At first, you go to Palette.fm and upload old black & white pictures, it easily converts into new coloring pictures. After downloading that picture you can convert it into HD high-quality photo by Restorephoto.io, by only these steps you can charge your, client, easily $20.



If you are a beginner coder, you can easily build a website through Chat GPT or GPT-4, only you should give the command Chat GPT or GPT-4. Chat GPT will automatically generate codes for you. Through that, you can easily charge your clients $500 to $1000 for a coding website. This is a great way to make money with AI.


Here are multiple options to start earning, don’t confused about them select one of them, and start as much as earlier. Because most people don’t know about these AI tools. If you are an early adopter, you can make more money than others, no guarantee better AI tools are not coming. So start now, and make money.

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