6 Business Ideas you can start with Chat GPT & AI in 2023 (April)

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is a large language-based model developed by Open AI. Chat GPT is programmed with human language data, Chat GPT provides answers like chatting conversation, it is like a new-generation search engine. Chat GPT is not only answer-providing, Chat GPT also gives you codes like HTML, JAVA, Python, etc. Many more features exist, but Chat GPT cannot answer trending and complicated topics.

Make Money from Chat GPT and AI

Competing with AI is a totally bad idea, but making easy your work, and making money from AI is an amazing idea. But now the question is how you can make money from Chat GPT. Here’s your answer, I will tell you 6 Business Ideas you can start with Chat GPT & AI.

6 Business Ideas you can start with Chat GPT & AI

1. Content Writing

Every marketer, blogger, and YouTuber is required content for his post, but they don’t have the interest or time to write content. Content creators hired freelancers as remote workers, and they pay for one article or content a nice amount of money, for 500 words article $5 to $20 or above. But their criterion is content should be well researched and statured content, in these cases, Chat GPT is not enough for these you should also use AIPRM with Chat GPT, you should install the AIPRM chrome extension, and after that, there are many options to generate the free articles. You can sell this content through a freelancing platform like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. Also, you can directly reach out to marketers and content creators through their social media, and emails.

Pro Tip- Add your value to that content, it gives more price for your content.



  2. Blogging

Start your blogging site, at first set up your site on WordPress, then choose your niche, then it’s time to do keyword research Chat GPT and AIPRM also give you keywords, and after keyword research, you can write articles on there with SEO optimized by Chat GPT and AIPRM. After uploading if you get the traffic you can easily make a nice amount of money through Adsense, and affiliate marketing, and also you can sell products and services.

Pro Tip- Don’t choose a niche based on trending topics or the latest updates, depending on AI.



3. YouTube Channels

If you can generate content from Chat GPT, you can convert your text into a voice for that many sites help you like Google Text to Speech, Amazon Polly, Microsoft Text Speech, etc. After generating successfully AI voice, the next step is you need to create an anchor for your YouTube video, in this case, you should take help from metahumans or AI-generated human software or sites, many meta-human-generating software is available like Deepmotion, Epic Games, etc. But if you don’t want to put meta-humans in your video, then you can use images and videos. For that, you can use VICTORY. After completing this, your video has required some edits, then your video is ready, you can start your own YouTube channel without showing your face and without saying something. If you are an underconfident person about your voice and don’t want to show your face, this business idea is awesome for you.

4. Using Quora

Do you heard about Quora, Quora is a question-answer platform. Many peoples ask their queries, and some people solve that. The best part of Quora is now you can monetize your Quora account. Here is only have to, take questions from Quora and paste them on Chat GPT, Chat GPT will give you answers, you only pests those answers on Quora. In Quora, you can withdraw your money when you make $10. Now many people make monthly $1000-$2000 or above through Quora and Chat GPT.quora.jpg

5. Coding

If you have a little bit of knowledge of coding, now you can make money or build a business. You can easily take clients from freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. And you can easily create chatbots, websites, applications, etc, through the given command Chat GPT.

Pro Tip- When you get clients and profit, you should expert in coding, and hire some employees to expand your business.


6. Copy Writing

Copy Writing is one of the high-paying businesses. Copywriting job is a short product title or tagline, mainly it is used for marketing and advertising purpose, this is very vital work, and a copywriter required a creative mind. You can get clients from freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc, and you can easily create title ads for your client’s ad campaigns and tag lines for your client business, through Chat GPT. In addition to copywriting, you can do email marketing, products description, and many more through Chat GPT.

Pro Tip- Upload on your LinkedIn account some demo tag lines and titles with graphics, through that, you can easily get clients.



AI is not replacing humans, we should know how to use AI to make money. The best part of these businesses, you can start with low investments. So why are you waiting, start your business today, take the opportunity and make money. If you want to know more business ideas on AI, comment below, and now already launched GPT-4, and through GPT- 4, you can start more amazing businesses, if you need a detailed article on that topic comment below.

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