Are you tense, what do you the job after completing a Bachelor of Arts?
 Here are 5 jobs you can do after a Bachelor of Arts.

If you become a data scientist, you can easily get jobs or work as a freelancer. A data scientist needs many filed like marketing, start-ups, e-commerce websites, businesses, etc.

1. Data Scientist-

2. Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, you don't have to be tense about jobs because it is a future, you getting jobs or working as freelancers. 

3. Journalism- 

As a journalist you get jobs or start your own Youtube channel, become a journalist you must become a good communicator.

4. Sales Executive-

Heading 2

As a sales executive, you can get jobs in many fields like Vechicals, insurance, mutual fund, credit card, and digital marketing. 

5. Content Writer-

A content writer today is a necessary role in individual YouTubers, bloggers, companies, etc. If you become a content writer, you get a job or you work as a freelancer.