5 Types of Startup Business Loans for Businesses with No Revenue

In the fast-changing and competitive world of businesses, securing financing support for a startup can be a difficult task, especially when your business is in its early stages and has no revenue. In non-profit businesses or non-revenue-making businesses, most loan companies don’t want to provide loans or financial support. There are types of loans available that can provide the necessary financial support or loans to boost your startup’s growth and propel it toward success. In this article, I will explain 5 types of startup business loans for businesses with no revenue, uncovering the opportunities they offer.

5 Types of Startup Business Loans for Businesses with No Revenue

1. Microloans

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Microloans are small-scale loans typically offered by nonprofit businesses, community development financial institutions (CDFIs), or online lenders. They often have less stringent requirements compared to traditional lenders, making them accessible to startups with limited or no revenue. Microloans can provide the initial capital needed for equipment purchases, inventory, marketing campaigns, or other essential business expenses.

2. Business Credit Card

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A business credit card is a financial support for spending on business expenses. It also funding support to startups with no revenue with bad credit scores, but a good credit score is essential for business owners.

3. Government Grants 

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Governments at various levels often offer grants, subsidies, or support programs specifically startups. These initiatives recognize the importance of nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship and aim to provide financial support to early-stage businesses. 

4. Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding is an amazing way for to startups raise capital. Through online platforms, entrepreneurs can showcase their business ideas and may request contributions of funds from various investors. This method allows startups to connect traditional financing channels and engage directly with potential supporters. Crowdfunding can serve as a valuable source of funding, especially for startups without revenue, as it validates market interest and can attract investors who believe in the venture’s potential.

5. Angel Investors

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Angel investors are high-net-worth individuals who provide financial backing to startups in exchange for equity or convertible debt. These investors are often seasoned entrepreneurs themselves, they understand the venter’s potential and business future. While angel investors typically seek promising startups with growth potential, they are more inclined to assess the viability of the business idea and the entrepreneur’s capabilities rather than focusing solely on current revenue. Establishing connections with angel investors can be beneficial in securing the necessary funds and accessing valuable mentorship and guidance.

How to get a startup business loan without revenue?

Investors Requirements

Investors mainly check entrepreneurs’ personal credit scores and histories. They contain business assets and know future business prospects, with the help of which loan can be paid or not. But grants, crowdfunding, and angel investors are a little bit different. Before applying understand which types of funds you need, and take time it help you identify which loan is beneficial for you.

Why Your Business Required Funds? 

Explain why your business requires funds or loans, and how you make profitable your business because your business has no revenue. What is your future goal, and how do you reach there? show them a proper road map. If you do that, your approval for funds possibility will increase.

Understand Your Cashflow

Before giving funds, investors will check your business’s future growth, personal assets, and ability to repay or high returns. Before applying for funds, create a nice budget.

Personal Guarantee

Some lenders or funds providers want a personal guarantee from business owners. If your loans default and the loan can’t cover by company assets, then business owners can lose personal property like their home, car, and bank balance. But it’s not in the case of crowdfunding, grants, and angel investors.


Here are 5 types of startup business loans you can get with no revenue. You should choose one which is beneficial for your business. Before taking loans calculate your interest rate and understand the repayment terms.

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Can I get a business loan without revenue?

Yes, you can get a business loan without revenue. 5 types of startup business loans you can get with no revenue available example 1. Microloans, 2. Business Credit Card, 3. Government Grants, 4. Crowdfunding, 5. Angel Investors. 

How can I fund my small business with no money?

5 ways to fund your small business with no money, 1. Microloans, 2. Business Credit Card, 3. Government Grants, 4. Crowdfunding, 5. Angel Investors. 

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