Guidance Of Sales Funnel Process Steps

Marketers and sales teams doing the same mistake everywhere, they don’t have Sales funnel ideas. But don’t worry about that after you read these articles you can avoid these mistakes, are you want to learn about Sales strategies and want to sell your product smoothly you can read this article.

You know that, if someone doesn’t know your products and services, they don’t want to pay for your products and services, then you can read the Guerrilla Marketing article to learn how to market your products and services. Then it will be easy to use and understand the Sales funnel template.

What Is a Sales Funnel?

Different companies, small and medium-sized businesses use their sales funnel techniques, most often the simplest and basic, functional, old-school marketers are likely to use Mr. Elom’s four-step processes, AIDA formula most of the use.

If you want to Sales Funnel following the AIDA formula 4 steps-

  1. Awareness (Market potential)
  2. Interest (Suspects)
  3. Desire (Prospects)
  4. Action (Customers)


First, show your product and services in the market, then you will understand your product and services, and how much space there is for this product and service. For example-  Suppose, 500 people viewed your product.


Some people will be interested in your products and services after seeing them on the market. Then you will know who is your interested customers. It creates suspicion. For Example- Suppose 50 people are interested in your products or services.


After seeing the interest of your customers, you will be able to understand, who is your high prospects customer. For Example- You have 30 customers who want your products and services.


You are sure about who is certain customers. Example- 20 customers are your original customers.

How Does It Work?

  1. Suppose Apple is launching a mobile phone, and you see apple ads on your mobile or TV, or newspaper. Apple says that Apple launched this mobile phone after 2 months. Actually, Smart marketers create Awareness.
  2. Apple will tell the features of their new mobile. It’s creating interest in the customer.
  3. Apple will inform you of highly camera and hard screen, etc. And it’s full fills your need and it’s become customers Desire.
  4. Finally, the user will buy. And it is Action.

Digital Marketing Sales Funnel-

 Sales Funnel
  1. Attract
  2. Engage
  3. Capture
  4. Nurture
  5. Convert

How to work this-

Suppose you have a paid course and you want to sell this.

 It is tough to sell your paid course directly.

  1. At first, you put 10 videos on youtube and build relationships with paid courses and tell them paid courses are better, more informative courses this is very good for them. It makes an Attraction.
  2. Up to a come-on 10-number videos. You take them to your website or other platforms. Please give them a form, and take their email ID and phone number. By following this procedure, you get them Engaged with your course.
  3. We captured their email and phone number by filling in the form. It is Capture.
  4. After capturing you will give them a free course again on your website or another platform. And if they have any requirements in your course topics fill them out. This will make it more prosperous and you will realize how many people were interested in your free course, and you can Nurture them.
  5. After nurturing you will understand your actual customers and it will be easier for you to Convert them on your paid course.


If you want to create a sales funnel for your business, you can follow this method. I hope your business will go next level.

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