Best 12 Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 15 Lakhs (Start Today)

It’s time to change your mindset, if you invest your money in the right business you can earn monthly lakhs of rupees easily.

But where should you invest your money?

Manufacturing business!

Do you think starting manufacturing units is required a high investment?

If it can be started cheaply, is there a market demand for that product?

These questions come normally, now don’t worry about these questions, here I organization will tell you, 12 manufacturing business ideas under 15 lakhs. These business ideas have awesome market demand.

Indian prime minister said, ” Atma nirvor Bharat” which means independent India. These words are very meaningful, he wants to start more businesses in India, especially manufacturing businesses that are imported from other countries.

If 15 lakhs of the manufacturing business are out of the budget, then you can check out “manufacturing business ideas under 1 lakh” and “manufacturing business ideas under 5 lakhs

Also, if you don’t have money to start a manufacturing business, the Indian govt will help you, with security-free business loans, PMGP, MUDRA, MSME, and many other loans.

12 Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 15 Lakhs-


Pharma Capsule Manufacturing-

7.67 billion dollars global market size of soft gel capsules or pharma capsules. The capsules market size will increase with population. Before, investing in the capsule manufacturing business, you should have networks with medicine manufacturer companies and in the pharma industry.

Towel Manufacturing-

The towel needs in the regular life of a person, and it should be changed from time to time. Towels are of different types and sizes, if you can make perfect quality towels, you don’t have an idea, how much money you can make. Before you start this business, you should have networks with towel suppliers. If you thinking about starting a clothing manufacturing business under 15 lakhs, then towel manufacturing is a great option for you.

Note Books Manufacturing-

Many iPad or many types are devices will come, but no one can remove pen and paper. Most people loved writing, and they look for quality papers, with great design ledgers front. When you make a ledger or notebook, you must be made nice quality paper. You can start your brand or you can be manufacturing ledger for other’s companies.

Toys Manufacturing-

Many people are thinking, after the internet and mobile craze, toys are gone, but it’s totally wrong, many parents don’t want to give mobiles to their children, and children’s also loved playing with toys. If you are from India, you know most of the toys are imported from China, and the Indian govt doesn’t want to import china products. That’s why, it great time to start a toy manufacturing business. The toy manufacturing business is a highly demanding business under 15 lakhs.

Screw Manufacturing-

Screw manufacturing business everyone thinks is a small market, but in 2022, 496 million dollars market size. This business has a great potential market. If you have an interest in this business, it’s the correct time to start. But before starting this business you should be tied up with distributors and companies.

Optical Frames Manufacturing-

You know it is the glasses generation, now glasses demand is increasing, so absolutely right, also the demand for optical frames will increase. So if you can tie up with a company that makes glasses, you can easily start optical frames manufacturing business for 15 lakhs.

Shoe Manufacturing-

Footwear in 2022 revenue of 140 billion dollars, shoes are changed with trends, so don’t worry about sales, this business never falls. Many types of shoes’ prices are very high some shoes can buy your shoe manufacturing units. So if you want to earn that much money, then the shoe manufacturing business can help in this case. You can sell to other companies or you can attach your logo and brand and sell it.

LED Bulbs Manufacturing-

Lights are our future and present another part of our daily routine, without blub we can’t see anything at the night. There are multiple options to start this business, you can start your own company and also you can tie up with a company. This is a great manufacturing business, that has great market demand.

Corrugated Box Manufacturing-

Every company needs a corrugated box to pack products, not only companies but normal consumers also buy this box to pack their products. So if want to start this business you need to reach out to some product companies, you can easily sell them corrugated boxes.

Tissue Paper Manufacturing-

Hotels, restaurants, bathrooms, cars, and houses always tissues are needs, so if you sell them online and you can sell to suppliers, this is a great business idea for under 15 lakhs.

Plastic Bottles Manufacturing-

Plastic bottles are not used only for water bottles, now many chemical companies also use plastic bottles and pharma companies. So if you think about plastic products being dead or end time, you are wrong, now most of us are dependent on plastic bottles. So if you want to start this business it is a nice idea of 15 lakhs.

Detergent Manufacturing-

Detergent our regular needs, detergent demand will increase with population. So detergent business is not a bad idea. Also, there are some you can detergent sell to a company and you can sell with your brand to consumers.

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