How to Make 1 Crore Rupee In a Month

In India 1 crore is a big amount, earning 1 crore per month is not easy, but it is not impossible. After reading books and listing podcasts with in-depth research, today I will tell you how you can earn 1 crore per month.
After core research, I understood, if you are the best in your field, you can earn 1 crore rupee. Also here are some business ideas through that you can earn 1 crore rupee.

5 Business Ideas to Earn 1 Crore Rupee-

Real Estate-

It would be best if you were to become a real estate broker or real estate builder. Here is unlimited money, and 90% of milliners come from real estate. Becoming a real estate broker is a good idea to start small investments. It needs some years to earn per month 1 crore or above. When you will get this position you will never fail again.


Yes, YouTube sounds awkward and impossible. Many big YouTubers make 1 crore rupee like popular Indian vlogger Sourav Joshi. If your content is good and unique, you can earn also make 1 crore rupee.


If you can create an e-commerce platform like Bewakoof. You can easily make 1 crore in a month. Before starting an e-commerce site, you should have good manufacturers and suppliers, because you get into the big market you should have some advantages like product quality, pricing, and uniqueness. This is a D2C business model, after some time you can come into Omni-channel. And most important you need to understand digital marketing or can hire a digital marketing company.

Internet Business-

Many types have internet businesses like software service providers, digital marketing services, app development, content marketing agency, etc. If you become the best 100 in your internet business field you will be able to make 1 crore per month, but it’s not possible for one person, you should start an agency.

Five-Star Hotel-

Making a five-star hotel or restaurant is very costly and needs too much paper works. But if you rent five-star hotels and maintain them through your company, it’s more low cost and low trouble. If you get started with 2-3 five-star hotels you can easily earn 1 crore rupee per month.

Do Your Best-

If you doing any business, you need to best in your field, and you can start multiple income sources that are the way you can earn 1 crore rupee easily.


Getting 1 crore in a single month, it’s not a piece of cake, to get this amount, you need a patient person and you have to be a good leader and most important hard worker. Keep learning and doing hard work you will defiantly achieve your dream income of 1 crore per month or in a day no matter what.

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