Best 18 Export Business Ideas

Everyone wants to do business outside the country. Export business is the best of all business ideas, and export business gives the highest profit margin. But now the question is which Indian product is more in demand in the international market.

So today in this article, we will tell 18 export business ideas, which have customers in the international market and high demand.

Export Business Ideas

18 Export Business Ideas-

1. Jewelry-

Indian jewelry is in great demand in foreign markets, you can export from manufacturers or suppliers.

2. Indian Handmade Arts-

products art like dolls, carpets, traditional clothes, etc. Handmade art products are in great demand in Westin Countries.

3. Furniture-

Indian traditional furniture is in great demand worldwide. If you are looking for export business ideas, this is an awesome export business idea for you. You can manufacture furniture for export or you can buy it from a supplier and sell it in overseas markets.

4. Cotton-

The world’s 2nd largest cotton-production country is India. If you are Indian, so can export from cotton farmers or cotton suppliers to different companies worldwide.

5. Pickle-                           

There is a lot of demand for Indian pickles worldwide, you can buy them from small manufacturers or make them yourself and export them to the international market.

How To Start Pickle Business? more help you understand the pickle business.

6. Vegetable-

The world’s 2nd largest vegetable-producing country is India.

Vegetables are necessary for the survival of every human being. So you can easily export things like onions, potatoes, and ginger from a farmer or a vegetable market, and its demand is very high.

7. Spice-

Indian spice is very famous all over the world. You can export spices from any spice supplier.

8. Human Hair –

Human hair export may sound surprising, but in 2021 largest human hair exporter in India.

Many village women sell their falling hair, if you collect that hair and sale on the global market, you can make a huge amount of money.

9. Sea Fish-

Almost every country in the entire world likes fish overall. So if you can export sea fish, you will not lack customers. Sea fish such as pamphlets, goldfish, octopus, etc.

10. Leathers-

leather is always a high-demanding product in gulf countries and western countries. You can start by supplying some shoe or bag manufacturing companies.

11. Garments-

Garments will remain in demand throughout life. So you can do garment manufacturing or take from the manufacturer. Can export, you will see a high-profit margin.

12. Honey-

Western countries have a lot of honey demand, and a lot of honey is exported from India. You can grow honey if you want or buy honey from honey farmers and export it.

Try to sell flavor honey then you can be unique.

13. Ayurveda Medicine-

Ayurvedic medicine is available in India and nowhere else. Ayurvedic medicines such as tulsi, ashwagandha, neem, etc, are in great demand in western countries due to their properties. You can make these Ayurvedic products into powders and tablets and sell them abroad. This is an unmatched export business concept.

14. Slippers-

From the Gulf countries to the Western countries, the demand for slippers is high everywhere. If you can start a small unit of slipper manufacturers, and export.

15. Medicine-

You can easily export medicine to foreign countries by becoming a medicine distributor. Medicine export is the best export business idea.

16. Use Plastic-

Countries and companies are buying used plastic. If you can collect and export plastic, then this could be a fantastic business idea for you.

17. Chemicals-

If you have a business with chemicals, then you can export organic and inorganic chemicals, then you can export organic and inorganic chemicals.

18. Construction Materials-

Golf countries require many types of construction materials, especially construction chemicals if you can export them. You can keep a high-profit margin for yourself.

If you want to know, ‘How to start an export business’ comment below.

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