Best 10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

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Jay Conrad Levinson wrote this book in 1984 in his book Guerrilla Marketing. Guerrilla Marketing creates unique attraction and boosts the sales of your product by using its methods. Guerrilla Marketing uses for brand promotion and it is a unique type of marketing. Brands mostly use the craziest drawings & posters and also especially social media viral marketing, etc, and it’s better than other old boring traditional marketing. And it’s low investment and highly impact-full, it is best for startups and small businesses.

10 Best Guerrilla Marketing Methods For Small Businesses –

1. Outdoor Marketing

You have shops and offices, anything malls, etc, you can do outdoor marketing, outside of your office or shops. Draw something special banner or an amazing picture. And try to create your ads unique, your ads must be like hooks.   Example:


2. Indoor Marketing

‘Try to feel special to your customer, show them a special painting, or picture, and give them roses, chocolate, surprises, etc. It creates your customer’s experience better.


Indoor guerrilla marketing min

3. Viral Marketing-

Create something special pick extreme emotion, and give an unusual delight full of surprises. Try to relate their life to your product, and create gossip for your products. You can create this ad with a poster on the road, on youtube, or on your personal social media account.

4. Presume Marketing-

Show your product in an unusual technique, and people can as if stunned and click picture posts on their social media accounts. 


5. Trending Marketing

Pick a trending topic from Google Trends and Twitter and other social media platforms, find something in your area trending issues, create funny jokes like meme marketing, or tell something your opinion on these trending topics.

6. Experiential Marketing

Give your targeted customer freely product experience, and create good memories with your product and services. It’s very easiest marketing and it’s very effective marketing. It’s best for a start-up.

7. Wild posting-

Draw your brand on the road as graphics, visuals, images, and print ads, and paste on an unusual technique. As though after seeing your ads people are shocked.

8. Grassroots Marketing-

Find your customer community then give them cash back, rewards, and offers, they talk about your product and services in their community.

9. Rub-Off Effect

Create ads on trending topics, everyone listens to popular celebrities and everyone follows them. Create on this person’s thumb line, and create a relation with your product, like funny and creative ads.

10. Ambush Marketing-

Putting your ads into your competitor’s big marketing. Although your competitor’s big sponsorship on a match. Outside of match ground, you run your marketing campaign and provide free T-Shirts for your brand.


It helps you grow your thinking level, and find that technique that gives you more leads and which affordable for you.
I believe you after reading this article, you find the best way to market your product and services.

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