Best 8 Business Ideas to Earn 2000 Dollars in a Month

Now in 2023, earning 1000 dollars or under 2000 dollars in a month is nothing, you can’t save your money, it is just your monthly expenses. But above 2000 dollars per month earning is a nice amount of money. So if you are a housewife, student, or anyone you can start earning money through these business ideas, and can make savings for your future. Here are 8 business ideas through that you can earn 2000 dollars per month.

8 Business Ideas to Earn 2000 Dollars in a Month-


Today everyone knows the demand for skills, but some people don’t understand how much they can earn by selling their skills. Freelancing sites are the best way to sell your skill and earn money through them. If you don’t have any skills find a high-paying low competition skill, and sell that on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. If you start selling your services, you can easily earn 2000 dollars per month, or you can start your agency.

Online Products Selling-

Many offline stores are closing today, and everyone shifts online, so why you are in the backdated, start selling online products on e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and many others. First of all, find products from Alibaba, AliExpress, or any other online supplier sites, and buy in bulk. Find some unique, demanding, and low-competition products. which you can sell easily.

Affiliate Marketing-

Many companies pay commissions to sell their products and services. If you have followers on social media or other places then you can sell products and services through affiliate links. Or you can make content on YouTube, or a website, then you can easily do affiliate marketing.

Online Tutoring-

Time is changed after covid-19 most learners want to learn online. So if you have any skills or if you are experienced in any field, you can start tutoring. To start online tutoring, you should have nice communication skills and a nice social media presence with work experience. Through online tutoring, you can easily earn 2000 dollars or above in a month.

Social Media Influencers-

Through social media followers, many people are becoming milliners. So if you gain nice social media followers through your personality and good content, you can easily earn a high amount of money.

Export and Import –

If you live in a specific area and there is something popular things are making, you can easily sell it to another country through your export business. Or if you live in another country there is demand for a product, but there is no making or manufacturing then you can import from another country. Through export and import business many people are earning huge amount of money.

Manufacturing Business-

Every product cycle starts from the manufacturer, so if you find a product that has high demand and low supply, then you can start manufacturing that product. To start manufacturing you need a manufacturing unit, machine, labors, and the correct suppliers or salesman to sell your product on the wholesale market. It is a great time to start with this business idea when everyone focuses on online business.

Real Estate Broker-

Real estate is always in demand and has high cash flow, this business you can start with little amounts of money. As a real estate broker, you can also earn a nice amount, but you should build a network and have Patience. In this journey lot of up and down. So if you start this business you should build a strong mindset at first.


Here are 8 multiple business ideas, choose one according to your interest and resources. In these business ideas, you can’t make 2000 dollars in the first month. But if you work dedicatedly in a business, you can earn 2000 dollars or above in a few months.
Before starting a business, you should analyze that business and analytic yourself, what is correct and easy for you.

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