Best 20 Without Investment Business Ideas In India 2022-2023

Without Investment Business Ideas


Do you want to start a new business but do not want to invest any money? Then you have come to the right place. This article is for the benefit of those people who are looking for without investment business ideas. And we have a list of the best profitable and growing businesses, so if you want to start a new business without investment, you should continue reading this article.

Once upon a time, you needed a lot of money to start a new business, but now some businesses don’t need any investment at all. After the Internet boom and search applications like Google, there is no need to worry. You want to earn money, no matter what. You will generate a decent income.

20 Best Without Investment Business Ideas-

1) Blogging-

First, choose your niche, all you need is a PC with an internet connection to start writing a blog. Blog writing is currently the most popular home-based and no-investment small business idea.

10 examples of writing a Blog –

1. Education.

2. Cooking.

3. How to make money.

4. Business.

5. Game tools.

6. Movie downloads ways.

7. If you read books your knowledge is shared with them.

8. Gardening.

9. News.

10. Stoke market & Cryptocurrency.

11. Pickup a new topic and write them easily in language and in your langue like what is NFT & Blockchain, Govt schemes, etc.

 2) Be A Online Seller-

Online shopping is the daily routine of our life. It never ends, so if you have any kind of product, you can sell them on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. You have no idea how you can earn big money by selling products online.

5 Best Platforms You Can Sell Your Product

1. Amazon

2. Bonanza

3. eBay

4. Handshake

5. Alibaba & Flipkart

your search on google for which best platform  for your country

3) Freelancing-

The company hires you for your skills. You don’t know how companies find freelancers to reduce their workload.

Freelancing is the best start-up without investment. And you have no idea how much money you will earn by freelancing.

5 platforms you can start your Freelancing journey-

1. Fiverr

2. Upwork

3. Freelancer

4. Gigster

5. Linkedin

5 Easy work in this field

1. Thumbnail Design

2. Content Writing

3. Subtitle Writing

4. Virtual Assistant

5. Interior Designer

4) Start A Recruitment Agency

A lot of jobs have gone after covid-19, so companies are reopening to hire new workers. Employment agencies can provide employment to companies.

First, look at the companies in your area to see what kind of employment they need, you can provide them with employees as they want. You can charge a commission from companies. It is connected to employees and companies by your recruitment agency in simple terms.

5) Interior Designer-

You know the interior side decoration of houses and residences, this is the easiest business you can do. If you know how to decorate a home you can make money in this field. It’s like a freelancing business. You can earn money with freelancing platforms.

6) Gardening & Garden Designer-

It is another easy business idea where you can start with zero investment. If you know how to grow small plants, how to plant them, and how to decorate them in a small space like a balcony or terrace, you can earn money. From your customers and social media.

7) Insurance Agent-

Selling insurance is the oldest business and does not require any investment. First, you need to educate your customers about the terms of your insurance policy.

So how can you apply for this agent?

Choose the type of insurance you want to sell, then choose a company that gives you a better commission, which company is trustworthy, as there are many scams, and which company offers the best interest rates to your customers.

Tips for you, try to choose an old company for trust issues.

8) Yoga & Gym Classes-

Many have health and fitness issues, so they want to be perfect yoga and gym trainers on this journey. They want someone to teach them at home gyms and yoga by online and other methods, and they pay for it.

So if you know about yoga and gym and other exercises, you can teach them. You have to market on social media, you can tell them by sharing posts and stories. Also, you can contact the nearest yoga and gym class center to make clients.

9) Visa Consultant-

A visa consultant works when going to someone abroad. A visa consultant helps clients resolve legal complications. It is done by obtaining a visa and related documents for immigration and recommending that one study at a university. It is another profitable business you can start.

10) Bag Making-

Every shop, every mall, and every company needs paper bags, which is a huge demand product in today’s world, and it will never close. If you want a bag manufacturer, you can contact the nearest company that company supplies you with raw materials and machines and they pick up the product after completion. Also, you can buy your machine and raw material and start your own bag manufacturing company. You can sell in markets, online platforms or websites, malls, and companies. It is a demanding product and a low or without-investment business idea. It is a beautiful low-investment business idea.

11) Affiliate marketing-

It is the oldest business of digital marketing where you get a commission when you refer someone that person uses the product, uses or installs the application based on your recommendation. You can start this business without investment.

5 platforms you can start your Affiliate Marketing-

1. Instagram

2. Whatsapp                                                                    

3. Facebook

4. Blogging & website

5. youtube

12) Youtube-

YouTube is the world’s great place for making money and for marketing. You can make much more money here with brand promotion and through AdSense. If you want to start YouTube, first choose a niche. You can start with your mobile. It is a highly profitable zero-investment business idea.

5 Topics for youtube-

1. Cooking

2. Education

3. Vlogger

4. Movie Review

5.  Comedy

13) Teaching Online-

 If you have any skills, then you can start teaching. All you need for online teaching is a PC with a nice internet connection, and a mobile camera is enough to start online teaching. You don’t have any idea how much money you will earn.

5 Platforms You Can Be Stating Your Teaching Course.

1. Udemy

2. Digital Class

3. Youtube

4. Skillshare

5. Ruzuku

14) Stock Trader-

Stock trading is the most profitable business. But do you need little money to start it, you can start this business with 100$ dollars. This business never ends, and this business is an old business. You need to teach yourself from experts. If you don’t want to do stock trading, then there are multiple options, for example, Liquid Traders, Currency Traders, Cryptocurrency, NFT Traders, etc.

The best application to start trading is TradingView.

15) Real State Broker & Agent –

You find someone who wants to buy a house and property, then contact those who want to sell his property like a house, new flat, land, etc. After the sale process is complete, the seller and the buyer. Pays a huge amount of commission. You don’t have to invest any money. You just need to find new construction flats then you can sell them to your contacts. It is a nice zero-investment business idea example.  

16) Open Demat Account-

If you have some friends who do have not a Demat account they are don’t invest in the stock market then you can make them refer them to open a Demat account, if refers to opening a Demat account so you can make money. after they are trading in the market you receive your money. it’s very good money. you only need to research which company gives you better refer money, then you make on this company your Demat account then you make money.  

17) Sports Coaching-

If you are a good sports player any kind like Cricket, Swimming, Football, Basketball, etc, then can teach some students. You can contact your nearest club, which is important based on your skill. Sports coaching it’s without investment, but it needs your hard work.

18) Pickle & Jam Making-

If you are good enough to make a pickle & Jam any kind of this at home, it’s good for you. You can sell online platforms & you can sell at the nearest shop. Only you needed the name of the company, some jars, and stickers with the logo of your company. If you want to start, you can try your nearest shop, and after making some profit, you can grow this. 

19) Dropshipping-

Dropshipping is a business where you can see cheap products on some other sites, then upload a picture of them on your site and market it. Then suppose someone buys, then the company at which you saw the item at that low price, they are delivered to the customer’s home. And your profit on your account.

Best 5 Dropshipping platforms-


2) Salehoo

3) Worldwide Brands

4) Oberlo

5) Doba

20) Painting & Writing-

Many schools & College and University Students want someone who completes their assignments because they do have not enough time to complete their assignments. Your Writing and Painting skills need there. Some kind of assignment wants some types of painting like life science, engineering, etc. You are only contacting some students.

If you are a good painter, you can teach some students offline & online. 


If you have the ability to work hard on one of these without investment in business ideas, you will surely find success.

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