10 Amazing Business Ideas Under 2 Lakhs in 2023

Many people dream of starting their own business, but they wonder if 2 lakhs will be such a business, or will it be profitable?

But today in the year ‘2023’ 2 lakh rupees is a big investment that can help many good businesses start.

I will tell in this article, through my in-depth research, small businesses under 2 lakhs, which anyone can start. You choose a business according to your convenience and investment.

10 Best Business Ideas Under 2 Lakhs

Business Ideas under 2 Lakh

1. Cybercafe

Demand for cybercafes is still high today, such as government form fill, government job applications, Aadhaar applications, biometric updates, xerox, and printouts, besides a mini atm and baking facility.

To start this business, you need to take 40 to 50 square feet of store, along with a computer, printer, wifi connection, and biometric machine. To start a cyber cafe the investment will be 1-1.5 lakh. 

You can earn daily 1000 to 2000 from the cyber cafe business, and if big govt schemes come, you can earn 5000 to 10000 daily.

2. Taxi services

If you purchase second-hand cars like alto and wagon, it will be within 2 lakhs. That you can register in a commercial car. You can rent your car as a cab taxi rental with cab service companies like ola and uber.

You can earn 2000 to 2500 daily from the taxi service business, and if there is any festival in the city, then you can earn 4000 to 5000. Taxi service is a profitable business.

3. Mobile Repairing

To do mobile repairing business, you need to learn mobile repairing skills. After learning this skill, some tools will be needed, and with a small store. You can start a mobile repair business. For which the investment will be 100000 to 150000 rupees, and you can earn through that 4000 to 5000 rupees daily. It is a monthly 1 lakh profit business idea.

4. Bakery Store

Cake demand today is used as usual in many birthdays, anniversaries, etc functions. You can open a bakery store. For which, 60 to 80 square feet store with an oven, raw-material, etc, and your investment will be 1 to 1.3 lakh rupees. And you can generate a daily income from a bakery store of 2000 to 4000 rupees.

5. Equipment Rental Services

You can supply at events all the materials needed, such as utensils, pandals, sound systems, decoration products, etc. You can start this business with 2 lakhs rupees. But you have to start with the utensils because it takes less investment. It has no fixed income, you can earn from it during especially wedding seasons, monthly 50000 to 100000 rupees.

6. Second-Hand Bike Selling

You can sell second-hand bikes, this requires parking, and you can start this business with two to three bikes. And you can generate sales through social media. Second-hand bike selling business start need 2 lakhs rupees. It will have a profit of 7000 to 15000 rupees per bike sale, it can be more.

7. Puffed Rice (Muri) Manufacturing

The demand for puffed rice (Muri) in the Indian market is very good. You can manufacture puffed rice and sell it in the distributor market. To start it, raw material machinery and a 100 square feet warehouse will be required, with an investment of around 1 lakh rupees. If you earn 5 rupees with 1 per kg of puffed rice, then if sell or manufacture 1000 kg of puffed rice, you can easily earn daily 5000 rupees. puffed rice is the best manufacturing business under 2 lakhs.

8. Truck Transport

You can rent trucks on monthly basis from any transport. And can rent it on daily basis. Truck Monthly you will get between 70000 to 100000 rupees from any transport. The driver’s salary and daily maintenance of all other trucks will cost you 150000 to 200000 rupees. And if the truck gives good profit then you can earn Rs- 12000 to 20000 daily.

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9. Real Estate Agency

With the help of a real estate agency, you can sell residential properties land, and other properties. A small office is required for this and must build good connections. You can start this business within 1 lakh rupees. If you generate sales in the real estate business, it won’t take long for you to become a millionaire. A real estate agency is the best business idea under 2 lakhs.

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10. Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency is the most demanding business today. Before starting a digital marketing agency, you have to do a digital marketing course. Then after completing the digital marketing course, the client will be caught by the freelancing platform. 

Then you can hire employees. And slowly it can convert into a digital marketing agency. For which your investment will be 1 lakh rupees. Which will give you a profit from 10 thousand to lakh rupees daily. You can start a digital marketing agency under 2 lakhs.

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